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C1-L1 Vintage Compressor

June 18, 2013

Sweet baby Jesus, somebody must’ve been listening in on my wishes ’cause outta nowhere I get the news that Propellerhead just launched the Red Rock Sound C1-L1 Vintage Compressor for Reason – based on Vladislav Goncharov‘s completely insane Molot VST! Yes! Apparently there must be more “dirt enthusiasts” out there that actually want saturation and coloration on the sounds they’re working with – especially when working with digital audio as it is too damn clean for my punker tastes – but I was completely dumbfounded when I saw the news on Facebook.

Now, I’ve already gushed about this goddamn beast of tube madness, so just head on over to Propellerhead’s official website to download the trial version – or buy it as it’s available for just €39.00 (roughly $50). And for those that don’t use Reason you can still get this VST for free at Goncharov’s official website (but do show some courtesy and PayPal him some money so he can continue his great work). Go! Go! Go!

copyright Red Rock Sound 2013!

copyright Red Rock Sound 2013!



November 23, 2012

Well, I’ve noticed that I’ve got some fellow audiophiles among my visitors so I thought I’d share the latest find when it comes to free VSTs available: Meet Russian behemoth Molot! And dear God is this a fierce beast! You know the climactic scene in Evil Dead II when the demonic dimension rips through the fabrics of reality and the Rotten Apple Head comes through the door to swallow Ash? Well, this piece of tube-powered compression emulator kinda does that with your sounds.

I initially tried it out on the unmastered track of Call Me Greenhorn‘s album teaser – and to be honest I don’t have a title for that one yet – and I had to rip my earphones off ’cause it damn near took my head clean off. And I live for that kinda sound. There an almost endless amount of variety offered plus some nice presets if you’re new to it or just wanna save some time (personally I found the “room” setting kinda nice ’cause it had a slight SSL feel).

Based on the same technology that gave the World that other beast (the Sovtek-powered Big Muff distortion pedal), it’s a primitive, no-bullshit chunk of gnarly oomph! that does not aim for sophistication. Like author Vladislav Goncharov himself says: “[If you’re…] Looking for transparent compressor? This not your choice. This compressor adds a lot of coloring to sound.” And he’s not kidding. This’ll color everything. It’s loud and noisy and ugly and just everything that makes rough and raw music great.

You can download it here, and he’s offering some limiters and clippers as well that I’m gonna check out as soon as my damn ears stop ringing…


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