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2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse

November 4, 2014

So, yesterday saw the premiere of Videogram‘s video for 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse on YouTube, released to coincide with the limited edition 7″ lathe cut version available via Facebook only.

The video – that’ll also see a physical release later on this year – was created using footage from the 1975 post-apocalyptic oddity A Boy and His Dog starring Don Johnson and one of my first efforts working with Adobe Premiere.

The 7″ is pretty much a vinyl collector’s wet dream and I really went out of my way to make it, well, kinda insane, ha ha ha. These babies are custom made by hand on square see-through plastic and comes with a 7″x7″ sticker instead of a sleeve. These are extremely limited and you can get yours here. Give it a spin on SoundCloud.


Queen of the Cannibals

July 20, 2014

What’s eating you, pal? Check out the all-new video for Videogram‘s Regina dei Cannibali End Titles. Premiering during Doc Terror‘s Italian Horror Week – that wrapped today – it’s gotten its fair share of positive feedback and I’m pretty satisfied how it turned out.

Drawing inspiration from UK video label VIPCO‘s trailers, I used footage from the 1983 Italian obscurity Adam and Eve vs. The Cannibals. Considered to be in the public domain, it’s a pretty cheesy effort and I gotta admit, not anywhere near as gruesome as say, Cannibal Holocaust or Eaten Alive!.

Check it out (NSFW), there’s more in the works to be made official later on and make sure you give the album a spin.



Simian Walk

March 14, 2014

Well, I’m pretty stoked to finally announce that the first video for Call Me Greenhorn‘s new album Space Kitty 2000 is finished. It sure took a while – this is actually the third video I edited due to some unforseen circumstances – so I was pretty relieved to have this over with.

Using footage from Neri Parenti‘s 1979 rip-off homage to Saturday Night FeverThe Face with Two Left Feet aka John Travolto …da un insolito destino – it features some pretty bad ass disco dancing courtesy Italian John Travolta look-alike Giuseppe Spezia (rumored to have done plastic surgery to enhance said likeness) and Gloria Piedimonte with Cicciolina herself – Ilona Staller – admiring his moves.

The album will be released soon – I just gotta coordinate it with iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. – so I’d say in roughly two weeks the eleven tracks will be online. In the mean time, make sure to check out Code Red‘s DVD of the Italian spoof here.


Sock It to Me, Baby!

January 7, 2014

A week in on the new year I’d figured it was time to create something new, right? Well, good thing yesterday evening was one of those brilliant creative bouts that don’t happen too damn often, but still thrills me to no end when “they fall right in your lap” like I prefer to call it.

Pretty much taking a break from some soundtrack work, I decided to toy around with this so-so kinda horn section sample and the next thing you know the tentatively titled Funky Simian jumped out of me. Adding a nice funk rhythm to it I figured I wanted to go kinda surf-ish with the whole thing – but using Casio keyboards instead of guitars. It turned out kinda groovy and quirky with a nice “cool” vibe, for lack of a better word.

Having the track roughly 80% finished I was so psyched by the results last night that I decided to create a teaser video using some old sexploitation trailer in order to share it. Taken from Lou Campa‘s 1968 Sock It to Me, Baby – released by Something Weird Video, natch! – it’s a nice sort of tribute to Mike Vraney. Roughly a minute long, so check it out on YouTube and spread the word.


Aftermath Apocalypse Photography

April 24, 2013

Yes! Might have some kick-ass news coming soon – if nothing else a future post regarding the phenomena “synchronicity” – but up until then make sure you check out UK photographer Robert Boud‘s video project Aftermath Apocalypse Photography on YouTube. It’s pretty stark imagery but still oddly beautiful.



November 26, 2012

Now how can you not be flattered by criticism like that? I ask you. Dare you even. I’m excited to say that The Norliss Tapes video for Groovy is sure starting to climb in amount of views on YouTube. I’m stoked as hell and thank everyone involved for agreeing to do this. Keep sharing!


Groovy (and then some!)

November 26, 2012

You know the phrase “stoked”? Well, I’m no bitter old man (although I do unleash The Angry Old Fart every once in a while) and I consider myself to have most of my childhood enthusiasm intact, but I still think words like “stoked” or “awesome” have become a bit overused. A bowl of corn flakes is nice for breakfast but calling it “awesome” might be taking it a bit too far. That said I am stoked and thrilled to announce the premiere of The Norliss Tapes video for Groovy featuring the cast of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The second installment of what I call The Trilogy of Awesomeness, this idea was born early on as I am a fan of the series, but it took some time for me to finally muster up the courage to email Robert and Jerry that produce the series asking if this was doable. To my surprise they said yes and a short while later I had all the footage needed to edit the video. How cool is that of them? I know there’s still a couple of weeks left, but so far this video is the most fun I’ve had in 2012. Awesome!

Anyway, as an added bonus we decided to make this a free download for fans of the band as well as the series. It’s roughly 335 MBs and you can get it here. Please share the link. If you have YouTube both Norliss and the S7 crew would appreciate you sharing the video and don’t forget to check out the Herz und Liebe EP on Bandcamp here.

UPDATE: Director Robert Griffith created an event on Facebook for the video, so please join up here and share among your friends etc. We’ll all appreciate it. Thanks!


Twins of Evil

October 10, 2012

Whoof, enough with the bad yet Halloween-themed puns right? Anyway, I figured we made two versions of Bad Robot off The Norliss Tapes third EP so there should be two videos right? Right. Check ’em out and feel free to share.


New Artwork!

October 5, 2012

Yeah, well I know, I know. It was just a matter of hours since my post about the video for The Norliss Tapes Bad Robot and now I’m finished with the sleeve I mentioned as well. Call me a workaholic. Anyway, this came out pretty cool. It’s actually an example of when you’re having an idea but that kinda turns out to be so-so and in the middle of it all you have the “happy accident” and the next thing you know creativity kicks in and you end up with something much, much better than initially planned. Yay for serendipity!

The compilation itself is just hours away from being finished now. The tracks are pretty much done (unless I have one of those “well, you’ve gotten so far so you might as well go the whole nine yards and make everything 100% perfect”), and I’ve assembled (and cleaned!) the audio FX as well during the evening so it’s just a matter of putting it all together, master it and then convert to MP3. I’m convinced that I’ll be done by the end of this weekend.

Anyway, I busted my ass on this and am now just enjoying the pride of a job well done. ‘Til next time…


Coming soon!

March 26, 2012

Well, I’ve been posting news about this a couple of times so far, but The Norliss Tapes debut EP just isn’t finished yet. It takes some time to finish up the material, but now it looks like we’re finally coming ’round to actually have the songs ready. Until then, I decided to finish up the sleeve for this (so far) digital release. With the music being somewhat weird amalgam of 60s lounge and modern “dance” music, I tried to go with artwork with the similar feel.

Again, this was the most unusual way I’ve produced music so far. Editing samples and rythms from various forms of exotica, lounge jazz and other types of vintage schmaltz and then sending them to another musician for him to add, deduct, edit etc, was fun and always made me pleasantly surprised! I’m looking forward to see it released and then start working on a second release. Again, a little teaser video that’s making its rounds on YouTube:

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