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Project Moonbase!

February 4, 2013

copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

Well, here’s a bit of refreshing and uplifting news as I feel the flu coming over me and honestly just want to go home and crash into bed: In the recent edition of Project Moonbase‘s episode entitled Big Boy and the Chancellor, The Norliss TapesTrip To the Moon made it’s airtime debut! Yay!

Including quite an eclectic collection of sounds like some recently reissued Martin Denny tracks, it’s available to stream online via their website, so make sure you check it out here and please share!


A Lil’ Update

May 21, 2012

Well, I was sick as a dog last week. Started off late on Sunday evening with me feeling kinda sluggish but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to wake up early Monday morning looking (and feeling) like something out of Lucio Fulci‘s Zombie Flesh Eaters. I’m better now but still can’t help feeling I missed out on a week’s work. Call me a workaholic.

A bit of news. My debut column TapeMix – Best of Bandcamp and a beefy interview I did with Jamie Coghill (aka The Jimmy C) has been sent off to the editor at CRKO after I spent the weekend editing it.  I’m excited about this and am really looking forward to help spreading the word of cool, unknown music. The site is still up and running so check it out here.

And finally, my fave musical project ever – The Norliss Tapes – has a site up and running on Bandcamp! Our first two releases A Little Bit Tipsy and A Trip to the Moon! are available now with a third entitled Bad Robot EP coming soon-ish (got a little bit of tweaking left to do!) Listen to the sample track Zero Gravity Moonstomp below and check out the rest of our stuff here. ‘Til next time.


New Video!

April 20, 2012

Well, I’m pretty much off on a week’s vacation in a couple of minutes but managed to finish up a new video for The Norliss Tapes Trip To the Moon before I leave. A bit more lounge, I used an old public domain commercial for  frigidaires of all things and I used some new tricks for this one and am pretty satisfied with the results.

Check it out, the artwork is below, listen to the track on my Bandcamp here and have a great weekend! I’m back in May.

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