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Rome Web Awards

February 23, 2015

Hey, hot on the trail of the Academy Awards I received a bit of pleasantly surprising news this morning. Turns out me and Jerry Kokich‘s track They Call Me Super7even off the ‘They Call Me Superseven’ OST soundtrack has been nominated in the Best Song category of the 2015 Rome Web Awards! Pretty neat.

Now, the announcements were made between February 20th – 22nd, and if my understanding from what I read on the official website is correct, the winners will be announced in September this year. Please keep your fingers crossed and give the track a spin on Bandcamp below.

EDIT: Received an update. The award ceremony will be broadcast on April 17th – 19th.


Post #650: Summing up 2013

December 31, 2013

Oh jeez, has it been a whole year already? Well, 2013 sure flew by fast I can tell you and I can’t say I remember that much on account of pretty much working my ass off for these past 52 weeks. In fact I once again had to go through the blog in order to check up on what happened and when because it’s all kind of a blur to me. So here we go:

copyright Sellergren Design 2011!January saw the release of Germany-based CRKO #3/4, which I made one of the covers for. The rough mix of In Space, originally slated for my first full length album, somehow turned into a 7-song EP released towards the end of the month. The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West was released in a mammoth 5 DVD box collecting their initial 28 episodes plus bonus goodies like The Norliss TapesGroovy video. My work for the series earned both me and The Norliss Tapes our own pages on

February saw the release of Sal Canzonieri‘s book Electric Frankenstein, compiling posters and record sleeves made for them during the period of June 2005 to December 2013, but I’ve still to receive any confirmation that my contributions are in it. Check it out on

March saw the initial demos for my faux-OST L’Isola die Morti Viventi being created, starting out with A Modest Tribute to Fabio Frizzi. Meanwhile I finished up most of the tracks for the Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West soundtrack album and released the doomsday-dub Armageddon Dub, with a b-side featuring some drumming courtesy The Jimmy C.

squawkyApril kicked off with the release of the super-silly EP Squawky – featuring one of my personal fave b-sides The Name is West. A teaser-taste freebie of the coming soundtrack album was released and the They Call Me Superseven OST was released mid-month. The web series ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter, generating funds for the third season. UK label Dead by Mono‘s third installment of No Way Out! saw the physical debut of The Norliss Tapes with the track A Trip to the Moon. Me and UK photographer Robert Boud crossed paths resulting in some pretty cool collaborations. The end of the month saw the release of Call Me Greenhorn’s new-wave-ish Chasing the Dawn EP, originally slated for inclusion in an Australia-produced feature, but somehow that fell through. The poster I created to commemorate the launch of The Bigfoot Diaries live radio show was released in a limited edition.

May saw the release of Robert Boud’s video for Armageddon Dub, more dub sounds as The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable was posted on SoundCloud, more videos as Robert Griffith‘s Here Comes Gorbot was made official and The Harvester appeared on SoundCloud, slated for an EP that I totally forgot about. The Jimmy C released the eight-track EP The Man Who Never Dies featuring three mixes I did and the month ended with the release of the CMGH2 album, aka The Abandoned Project.

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

June kicked off with a teaser taste from my stoner project Ursa Major, followed by The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd album and I chipped in some $$$ on Kickstarter for James R. Petix and Sarah Babila‘s documentary It Came From Detroit.

July had me creating some merchandise designs for Belgium’s own Captain Catastrophy, I released the I’m Normal! cloudcast on MixCloud, released the “summer bonus” EP L’amour en Apesanteur and started my second side project Get Carpenter – I gotta admit I just love that name!

August saw me launching my page on Society 6, kicking off with the August 18, 1973 series honoring Tobe Hooper‘s horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. My stoner side project Ursa Major debuted with its 18-minute two-track Like Leaves and the end of the month saw the release of my faux-OST L’Isola die Morti Viventi.

September saw the launch of where I added the four-track The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable EP after things turned out less-than-optimal over at The same month Pink Hulk EP followed. The John-Carpenter-meets-King-Tubby track Cutthroats at Midnight was finished and I began work on a S/T EP. The end of the month saw the release of the Halloween-themed The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef EP and Robert Boud’s video The Modern Day Holocaust.

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

In October I chipped in more of my hard-earned cash to support Tal Zimerman‘s project Why Horror? on Kickstarter, a documentary on the whys behind this film genre, and I even had a chance to do an interview with the guy for Swedish Gore Film Society. Towards the end of the month my second Haunted House of Horrors cloudcast was released in time for Halloween.

November saw me creating some artwork for U.S.-based true crime magazine Serial Killer Magazine and the end of the month saw the release of the Cutthroats at Midnight EP.

Finally, December saw the launch of Jamie Vayda‘s Loud Comix #2 – featuring a sleeve by yours truly – the release of the It Came From Detroit documentary – check it out! – and some videos I edited with a new freebie video editing software: Battle è in Arrivo, In Orbit, Invasion of the Dead and Voodoo Rhythm/A Feast on Flesh.

Yikes! How’s that for a list? Gee, no wonder I’m tired. But then again, I am quite enjoying myself and hopefully people out there enjoy what I create as well. Got more cool things happening in 2014 and I’d appreciate you joining me to check ’em out. ‘Til then, Happy New Year!


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West…

May 13, 2013

Hey kids, new week and time for another episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West! This, their 30th, is entitled A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West and features a pretty damn epic fight scene – over four minutes long!

There’s some nice, tight editing in this one and I think Robert Griffith did a great job with it. Got some nice tracks from Call Me Greenhorn as well with Ooky Pt.2 and the all-new Superseven Fight Theme Vers. 2 making its debut, plus some cool tracks by Aussie musician The Jimmy C – including his brand new Sandra West Theme.

Speaking of the series I was glad to see them announcing that their campaign on Kickstarter was successful with an extra $1,000 raised for the project. So congrats to them and congrats to the funders as they’ve got a free download of the They Call Me Superseven OST coming their way. If you haven’t, make sure to check it out on Bandcamp and share, share, share away!


Write Up!

April 22, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

I’ve been busying myself sending out tons of promos lately – man, am I thankful for the digital age as postage and packages would’ve cost me a small fortune! – and was informed by director/producer Robert Griffith of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West that Spy Bop Royale wrote a nice lil’ blurb about Call Me Greenhorn‘s They Call Me Superseven OST album calling it “wild, way-out” and “nutball”. Check it out here and – again! – here’s the link to the Bandcamp page:


Kickstarter (update)

April 19, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Make sure you head over and check out the Kickstarter campaign for They Call Me Superseven as me and producer/creator Robert Griffith decided to sweeten the deal by offering every backer a free download of Call Me Greenhorn‘s They Call Me Superseven OST album! Yeah,  not only are you doing the production a great service, you also get screen credit plus some nice tune-age for your computer, iPod etc. to enjoy while basking in your new found celluloid glory. Check it out here.

Speaking of the album: The stats on Bandcamp are quite impressive, and I’m thrilled to see the sounds are getting spread all over the dang planet. A bit frustrating when it comes to Twitter though as I’ve found out it’s damn near impossible finding any post pointing people in your direction – I’m a nerd and really want to send out thank-you notes to those that actually take their time to promote my music. Still available here and there’s also a sample track on my SoundCloud:


More Superseven!

April 16, 2013

Check it out: I was recently hepped to the new The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West campaign on Kickstarter, raising money to get the latest batch of coming episodes ready for production as either (or both!) TV-series and feature film.

Pledges range from $1 up to $500 with various goodies as rewards, including screen credit – something that is very handy if you’re planning to pursue a career in movie making. I speak from fact that getting your name on really opens doors and gets your resume read. With 26 days to go they’re already halfway to reaching their goal of $1,500, so check it out here and do pitch in some $$$ to support the show.

While on the subject, Call Me Greenhorn‘s They Call Me Superseven OST album is really getting some good stats on, so make sure to check that one out as well and share away! I appreciate the support! Give it a spin below:


‘They Call Me Superseven’ OST teaser taste!

April 8, 2013

Alright, here we go: I just made a short teaser taste collecting soundbytes from thirteen out of the nineteen tracks off Call Me Greenhorn‘s They Call Me Superseven OST on Bandcamp – and it’s free! Yup, roughly 30 seconds each from this project that was about one month and a half in the making – there were some mixing issues as I basically am a Neanderthal that enjoys things a bit louder than the girlyman digital format can handle.

Anyway, that has all been sorted out so check it out here and don’t forget to spread the word via sharing on Facebook etc. The more the better. The teaser track (in full):


Superseven – Operation High Tension

April 5, 2013

Holy moly, make sure to check out the latest episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West because it’s great! Titled Operation High Tension it’s a new format for the show with tighter shots, faster pace, nice editing and just chock full of new music from both me (as Call Me Greenhorn) as well as The Jimmy C.

Great show all in all, with some new faces and there’s four – count ’em, four! – new tracks from the coming They Call Me Superseven OST album. As they appear (and out soon, hint hint): Say UNCLE, Ooky Pt. 1, Swizzle Stick and T.H.E.M. Distress Signal. Check it out!



April 2, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

And to start off with the answer to your obvious question I can inform you that “Squawky” is the word you type in around 4 am when you’re done with the final stages of mixing a new song and the computer prompts you to write something to “save file as”. And considering the samples used in the track I guess it kinda fits. So with April finally here I can happily announce this month’s bonus release: The Squawky! EP by Call Me Greenhorn! Three tracks with the title track taken from the coming They Call Me Superseven OST album – albeit in a different mix – plus two exclusive bonus tracks.

Anyway, drawing inspiration from Piero Umiliani‘s  Mah Na Mah Na, that most people probably remember from either Jim Henson‘s Sesame Street or Muppet Show, but originally appeared in Italian Mondo oddity Sweden – Heaven and Hell, the track was made up on the spot and is exactly as silly as you usually feel when you’re exhausted from work and it’s getting past 2 am. But listening to the track now I’m satisfied with the results and think it’s got a nice bounciness to it while still being very, very silly.

The second Moog version was just me trying to out-Wunderlich German schmaltz organist Klaus Wunderlich and the idea came about while listening to the title track the day after and setting out to see how lame I could make it. But the one track I’m really stoked about is The Name is West. Ever had a song jump out of you? Well, those occasions are pretty damn rare for every musician, but that track was made in five minutes tops. I’m not bragging, but the damn stars must’ve been aligned or something because everything just clicked while working on it. A totally random rhythm loop followed by an even more random bass line, the main organ was done in two takes (culling the best of each to create a melody), with percussion and FX synth added in two separate takes. Five minutes later I’m listening back with a smile on my face going “Well, that was easy”. I just wish every damn song was that smooth to write, ha ha ha.

You can check out the EP on my Bandcamp here, the title track is also available via SoundCloud here, and get a taste of the pretty bad-ass vibe of Sandra West‘s own theme below:


Call Me Greenhorn in Space!

March 18, 2013
copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

copyright Project Moonbase 2013!

Check it out: The latest Project Moonbase show aired yesterday at 10 pm (European time), and offers quite a mixed bag of sounds including Call Me Greenhorn‘s T.H.E.M. Distress Signal! Starting around 53:30 it also includes a nice lil’ plug for the They Call Me Superseven feature as well as their page on Check it out here and don’t forget to share!

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