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A Tribute to Ed Lauter

October 18, 2013

Well, veteran character actor Ed Lauter passed away somewhat unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 74. Leaving a most impressive body of work, with over a hundred movie appearances and even more for TV, Ed made himself quite a name among cult and genre fans in such fare as Cujo, Death Wish III and The X-Files.

Today saw The Daily Grindhouse post a really nice tribute dedicated to his memory, and for a most impressive interview going through his 40+ years as an actor, please visit A.V. Club‘s Random Roles here.



December 9, 2012

X-Mas courtesy eBay!

Well, as I wrote some time ago, I initially intended to name The Norliss Tapes either Kolchak, or Kolchak: The Night Stalker after the cult classic 70s tv-series with the same name. This was changed early on as I realized it sounded like a super-corny black metal or death metal name, and bands and musicians got enough struggling to do these days without adding the extra burden of having a name that’ll confuse music fans as exactly what sort of genre they can expect.

Anyway, a predecessor to Chris Carter‘s The X-Files if there ever was one, the debut made-for-tv horror movie Kolchak: The Night Stalker starred Darren McGavin as the tenacious reporter Carl Kolchak who’s convinced that a series of connected murders in Las Vegas are not the work of a serial killer but a modern-day vampire. Originally aired in 1972 the movie was a major hit (it aired in 1 out of 3 American homes) and spawned not only the follow-up movie Kolchak: The Night Strangler but also the ABC tv series that ran one season before folding. Producer Dan Curtis went on to The Norliss Tapes that oddly enough bombed and wasn’t picked up for a series – roughly 20 years later that same concept made Carter a rich man. Read more about that here.

Now, browsing on eBay during a short coffee break earlier today I decided to see whatever memorabilia was available and just lucked out with this  8″x10″ color “lobby card” for the pilot. Pure awesomeness! It’s gonna look great on my living room wall next to The Incredible Melting Man and The Exterminator. And while on the subject: If you don’t wanna buy the two DVD boxes that collects both the tv movies as well as the series separately (available on, how ’bout checking it out on YouTube:


Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

November 5, 2012

Well, I already wrote about my love for conspiracy theories and I try to keep track of them all in what little free time I’ve got these days (did you read the recent one claiming Obama was responsible for the Sandy hurricane?) The podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know on YouTube is a personal fave that serves tasty little bytes ranging between 3-5 minutes in length covering all kindsa theories. Like a compressed version of The X Files they’ve focused on everything from the JFK assassination to the Jersey Devil. It’s great and I’ve been following it for quite some time now.

Unlike a lot of fringe researchers out there these guys don’t make up any facts or try to cover up (pun intended) information that contradicts a theory and instead make it perfectly clear in each episode what is proven fact and what is theory (using the fan favorite phrase “here’s where it gets crazy”).  There’s more than 150 episodes now, giving the conspiracy hound more than 10 hours of tasty entertainment, and if you’re into this stuff you can check out all the episodes here and visit them on Facebook here. Enjoy!

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