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Kodak Moment

September 4, 2015


Well, this really made my day. Not only did House of Monsters‘ director Dawn Brown buy Videogram‘s all-new single Outpost 31 Isn’t Responding, but she also took the time to give it a plug on her official Facebook page. Tres cool, Dawn, and much appreciated!

So, yeah, with both the Camp Blood 10″ pic disc EP and Pre-Cert LP/CD coming later this fall I decided to put out a digital-only single featuring two tracks that won’t appear on my Cineploit debut. If you know your John Carpenter movies – and you should – you won’t have a problem figuring out that it’s a tribute to his 1982 sci-fi horror classic The Thing.

The artwork was created by the very talented artist Van Davis, who’s imagery not only summed up the movie but fit the music perfectly as well, in my opinion. Make sure to check out his work here. The single is available on Bandcamp now, with iTunes, Deezer etc. coming soon-ish. Check it out below and give it a spin on SoundCloud here.


Friday Night Roundup

September 20, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, here we go with the end of another week and again another roundup. First off I wanna plug my recent Society 6 addition: Man is The Warmest Place to Hide. It took me a week to finish and I really busted ass on this one as I am a fan of John Carpenter‘s The Thing and wanted it to turn out just right. I am psyched by the results so make sure to check it out!

More great work found on S6 is Casey Weldon (that kinda reminds me of Mark Ryden‘s work), Guiseppe Cristiano, GBret, MZart-Mel Bohrer, Andrew Henry, and Hillary White, who truly’s got something unique going! The classics meets pop culture like you never seen before. Check ’em all out!

Music wise Death Waltz Recording Company made a couple of tracks from the coming release of the soundtrack from Lucio Fulci‘s New York Ripper available on their SoundCloud. The album will go on sale next Friday, so check it out here, and while on the subject the label will also release a four-track EP with Goblin to coincide with their first US tour.

More found sounds on SoundCloud is Panhandle‘s Click Clap. Released by Finders Keepers Records this track is just amazing! There’s something hypnotic about the damn thing and I can’t stop listening to it. And with 14,000+ plays I guess I’m not the only one. Just brilliant!

Aussie musician The Jimmy C also released a couple of new tracks on SoundCloud: Two Ween covers slated for an upcoming tribute album, Even If You Don’t and Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy). My fave is the first one, but give ’em both a spin!

In other news Call Me Greenhorn‘s fake-OST L’Isola dei Morti Viventi is still moving steadily upwards. Kinda weird considering it was a 100% fan boy project, but I am not complaining. Just goes to show that you really should vent that inner nerd. Give it a spin below and get it via Bandcamp here.

Other than that I found the time to catch the amazing photos collected by Superchief in their 80 Photos of Old New York (1970 – 1989) post, and apparently yesterday (September 19th according to the official website) was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I totally missed out on that one. Did you celebrate?


The Thing (literally!)

March 8, 2013

Oh wow, even though enthusiastically following the progress of the Russian scientists located at Lake Vostok in Antarctica for the past year, I still gotta admit I was actually kinda creeped out by the latest claims that the more than a million-years-old bacteria found in the lake is a completely new life form! Of course it’s on one hand super-cool they’ve found a species who’s DNA only matches other life forms by 86% – literally making it alien to us – ’cause it goes to prove that yes, life in itself can survive some pretty grim conditions, making moons around planets like Jupiter and Saturn potential homes of  ‘something.’ Still, I am freaked out by this.

Why? Well, to put it short this sucker hasn’t been active on this planet for a million years, meaning than nothing that walks the Earth right now has any immunity resistance to it whatsoever. The life forms that did died out a long time ago. And let’s not forget that the sole purpose of bacteria is to fuck shit up uh, break down decayed organic matter. So even though I’m confident the scientists are handling this material with the utmost care, it’d still only take one ‘whoops!’ to release Chainsaw Sally and get the proverbial Armageddon going.

Oh well. We’ll see how this story develops. Still got me thinking of John Carpenter‘s The Thing though. Let’s hope the movie doesn’t turn out to be prophetic.


The Thing Swings

February 6, 2013

The Rat Pack meets alien attack in the brilliant John Carpenter‘s The Thing: The Musical! Created by Jon and Al Kaplan that gave the world Conan: The Musical this comes complete with lyrics so you can swing, baby, swing while The Thing, uh, does its thing I guess. I love stuff like this. Ever seen the footage of Tom Hanks doing the Transformers Theme Frank Sinatra style?


Evil Dead – Red Band Trailer #2

January 9, 2013

Please note that the trailer offers some pretty graphic sequences.

Via Eva Halloween I found the second red band trailer for the 2013 remake of Evil Dead. And I gotta admit, for someone who turns into Angry Old Fart way too many times for comfort when it comes to this phenomenon, the trailer looks great! They certainly didn’t skimp on the gore, there certainly are gonna be scenes at least as intense (and with a bit of luck even more) as the original, and even though I think some of the male characters, well, look like wimps, I’m waiting ’til I’ve seen it before I go whining about “bad casting”. Sure, the dub step music is a bit of a turn off, but I doubt today’s 18-year-olds are as big on The Ramones as me.

Now, I know there are some “original, real fans” out there – and just out of curiosity, how would you distinguish a “fake one”? – who sees it differently and sure are spending a lot of time grumbling and trolling about this, but c’mon, does this look like a cheap Hollywood knock-off to you? If the producers wanted to make a quick buck out of this franchise they would’ve gutted it completely! If you’re such a great fan (and have that much free time to spend), treat yourself to a game and pop in your original VHS while taking notes of all the commercial no-nos it offers. Remember that this was released unrated back in the 80s because the MPAA frankly wanted to pretty much neuter it, and when it was resubmitted in 1994 it received an NC-17 “for substantial graphic horror violence and gore.”  Remove all that and what would you have left of the original concept? I’ll tell you: A bunch of stupid teenagers going to a remote cabin. The end.

Just like the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre or The Exorcist, what blew me away with Sam Raimi‘s horror debut was that it was just one long, uncompromising and exhaustingly horrific experience that just kept pummeling you silly for 90 minutes, and when it finally ended you were actually relieved it was over! Now, even though it offers spoilers Ain’t It Cool News offered a script analysis in February 2012 (check it out here, but as I said, there are spoilers) and sums it up “it reads like NC-17” and calls it a “beast” – not words commonly used when talking about anemic remakes, and pretty reaffirming if you ask me! If still in doubt we’ve got script writer Diablo Cody‘s making comments like it’s “unbelievably violent” and “It was really important again to the filmmakers that it remain totally grounded in reality and timeless. They weren’t trying to make some hip trendy horror movie full of pop culture references” (check that one out here) and you’ll at least know it looks killer on paper. And if nothing else they at least are trying to avoid the typical “ironic” approach so common in horror and remakes. Add the fact that ‘Mr. Groovy’ himself Bruce Campbell have offered statements reassuring fans that neither he, Sam, or Robert Tapert were out for a quick money grab – you really think they need it after the Spider-Man trilogy? – and that they have the highest confidence in both cast and director, well, I for one am pretty assured about the end results.

So, long story short, judging by the new snippets found in this compared to the first trailer I wrote about here, plus the additional arguments offered here, this looks even more like a highly intense remake that once again will scare the crap outta you. I mean, Tom Savini made a great remake of Night of the Living Dead, John Carpenter made a killer job with The Thing, and don’t forget David Cronenberg‘s amazing (and genuine reboot!) of The Fly, so the occasional good remake actually does happen. And to me this has so far the signs of actually being another one. My birthday is in April and I am so treating myself to a movie ticket!


Evil Dead II (claymation)

October 18, 2012

Well, here’s a nice little clip I stumbled across: Evil Dead II – the claymation! For all of you that enjoyed the Pingu version of John Carpenter‘s The Thing (personally I found that version way better than the 2011 remake), director/animator Lee Hardcastle offers up tons more of short and funny reimaginations including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Robo With a Shotgun and Shaun of the Dead.

He recently visited Sweden as a guest at the Lund’s International Fantastic Film Festival (giving a Q&A), and you can see that and much, much more on his official website here and his YouTube channel here. I wrote about the Pingu claymation here.


Fear on Film

August 22, 2012

Well, here’s a nice slice of pop culture history: Fear on Film, a roundtable discussion produced by Universal Studios featuring directors John Carpenter, John Landis and David Cronenberg –  who were all working with the studio at the time. Intended to be used as a promotional tool, I think this is just a fascinating time slice as Carpenter was working on The Thing, Landis had just finished An American Werewolf in London and Cronenberg was about to begin Videodrome. Three parts in total, check them out!


From Beyond

August 8, 2012

This is so cool! I found Michael Granberry‘s animated short film From Beyond on YouTube and it’s great. Being a total nerd for all things H.P. Lovecraft it was nice to see this staying pretty true to the original short story with the same name. Now, Michael has done some pretty nice work including stop-motion and music videos so check it out on his official website here and From Beyond can be found on Lurker Films‘ collection Strange Aeons available here.

Speaking of From Beyond – in 1986 Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna unleashed their genre masterpiece based on the same short story. Starring Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) it got some pretty amazing special effects rivaled only by those created by Rob Bottin for The Thing. Check out the trailer and if you haven’t seen it – DO!


Pingu Thing-y!

July 18, 2012

Well, I wrote about this “fanfilm” earlier, but as we all noticed some people just don’t have a sense of humor, so of course it was removed from YouTube. Yes, the Pingu version of John Carpenter‘s damn classic remake of The Thing is perfectly executed and funny as well – in fact, it’s way better than the 2011 prequel/remake!

Speaking of the original remake (how’s that for a weird phrase making it into our vocabulary?), Carpenter’s 1982 movie might not have been an initial box office success – audiences preferred the cutesy E.T. when it came to aliens – but once that baby hit the video shelves it became a cult classic! Dark, paranoid, somewhat nihilistic and with amazing special effects courtesy Rob Bottin (who actually worked so hard on it he was hospitalized for exhaustion) that knocked viewers flat on their asses. Easily available on DVD there’s some beefy 2-disc special editions out there with tons of bonus material, so if you haven’t seen this – DO!


The Thing

January 4, 2012

Well, I recently saw the new re-make of The Thing and I gotta admit, the Pingu version is way better. Nothing wrong with Hollywood’s obsession with depicting the every day man’s struggle against expensive computer graphics, but sometimes a guy just wanna watch real flames, see some Karo suryp splattered on the walls and OD on classic Old School latex effects.

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