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Superseven – Third sizzle reel!

December 19, 2012

Well, here’s a little bit of news that actually makes me proud to announce: The third sizzle reel from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West featuring a kick-ass track from Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C. Now, I already written about this guy (and reviewed and interviewed!), but Jamie just amazes me. Humble, down to earth, friendly as hell and a shitload of talent to boot!

We’ve been chatting on and off for the last couple of months and kinda struck up a friendship, so needing a great drummer to help me out when working on the Call Me Greenhorn first full length he was the guy I went to (he did the drum track for the teaser I posted some time ago on YouTube.) Anyway, long story short he sent me this track for a future project of his (and in his lovely humble way just commented it with “yeah, I’ve got this lil’ thing I’m working on…”), I downloaded it and was immediately blown away by how great it sounded. A perfect mix of 70s tv-themes (I was thinking The Streets of San Fransisco) and classic 60s Italian-produced spymovies – and he plays every damn instrument himself! Ever tried that? I have. And it didn’t come out sounding half as good as this guy’s stuff.

So I took it upon myself to forward the MP3 to the director and producer of Superseven and they agreed, it’s a kick-ass song and they wanted to use it. The rest is entertainment history. Check it out, make sure you visit both the show and Jamie on Facebook here and here, and don’t forget to “like” and share!

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