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Drawing Blood

May 30, 2015

Drawing Blood

With Thomas Hodge aka The Dude Design‘s massive collection of analog love VHS: Video Cover Art just getting released this past week – and he’s got some work appearing in Matthew Chojnacki‘s Alternative Movie Posters II: More Film Art from the Underground later this year – I figured I’d share one more upcoming book that I’m really excited about: Graham HumphreysDrawing Blood!

With work known by horror fans pretty much all over the world, this UK-based illustrator has become quite legendary as he created a ton of VHS covers back in the 1980s, as well as cool record covers for bands like The Cramps (he did the 3D sleeve for their Off the Bone LP). Still at it today, his work has graced the covers of many Arrow Films & Video releases (my fave being Fulci‘s Zombie Flesh Eaters) as well as Death Waltz Recording Company records.

Released by Proud Galleries, this luxury art book is strictly limited to 500 copies and will be released in time for Halloween this year. The price is £150 (approx. $230), but Graham himself has stated on social media that if this sells out, a more moderately-priced paperback edition will be released. Pre-orders are taken here and make sure to check out his drool-inducing portfolio on his official website here.


Human Fly

October 11, 2012

Now, this is some pretty neat work: films student (?) Nick Williams fan video for The Cramps‘ classic Human Fly. Pretty fitting considering we’re getting closer to Halloween plus this was the first song I heard from these guys. And I loved it. From the trebly intro guitar to the massive oomph when the whole band kicks in – with second guitarist Bryan Gregory serving up a wall of distortion that melts your speakers. I was hooked.

Like I stated in an earlier post I had this discussion about fan videos with Sal Canzonieri and we both agree on the sheer idiocy of major labels and artists going after their own fans today. These days, if a kid takes time off from the tons of distractions that are available to them 24/7 – and I’d be guessing for at least half a day if he/she wants to do a good job – in order to create something in order to promote you or your work you should be pretty darn thankful! Not drag ’em into court. But hey, the more you fellas shoot yourselves in the foot alienating the music- and moviefans the more they’ll start looking around for other, alternative outlets so by all means keep it up. Lord knows my meals don’t come for free.


More Brains!

July 11, 2012

This is so cool! I just found Bill Philputt‘s documentary More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead on YouTube, and being a fan of Dan O’Bannon‘s unexpected 1985 cult hit splatter comedy I had a blast watching it. About 90 minutes of cool trivia and info, check it out and buy a physical copy via their official site here.

O’Bannon’s directorial debut (after writing such genre classics like Alien and Dead & Buried) is funny as hell, with great performances by character actors like Don Calfa and a pretty cool soundtrack featuring The Cramps and T.S.O.L.. Check out the trailer, and if you haven’t seen it – DO!

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