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Post #650: Summing up 2013

December 31, 2013

Oh jeez, has it been a whole year already? Well, 2013 sure flew by fast I can tell you and I can’t say I remember that much on account of pretty much working my ass off for these past 52 weeks. In fact I once again had to go through the blog in order to check up on what happened and when because it’s all kind of a blur to me. So here we go:

copyright Sellergren Design 2011!January saw the release of Germany-based CRKO #3/4, which I made one of the covers for. The rough mix of In Space, originally slated for my first full length album, somehow turned into a 7-song EP released towards the end of the month. The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West was released in a mammoth 5 DVD box collecting their initial 28 episodes plus bonus goodies like The Norliss TapesGroovy video. My work for the series earned both me and The Norliss Tapes our own pages on

February saw the release of Sal Canzonieri‘s book Electric Frankenstein, compiling posters and record sleeves made for them during the period of June 2005 to December 2013, but I’ve still to receive any confirmation that my contributions are in it. Check it out on

March saw the initial demos for my faux-OST L’Isola die Morti Viventi being created, starting out with A Modest Tribute to Fabio Frizzi. Meanwhile I finished up most of the tracks for the Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West soundtrack album and released the doomsday-dub Armageddon Dub, with a b-side featuring some drumming courtesy The Jimmy C.

squawkyApril kicked off with the release of the super-silly EP Squawky – featuring one of my personal fave b-sides The Name is West. A teaser-taste freebie of the coming soundtrack album was released and the They Call Me Superseven OST was released mid-month. The web series ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter, generating funds for the third season. UK label Dead by Mono‘s third installment of No Way Out! saw the physical debut of The Norliss Tapes with the track A Trip to the Moon. Me and UK photographer Robert Boud crossed paths resulting in some pretty cool collaborations. The end of the month saw the release of Call Me Greenhorn’s new-wave-ish Chasing the Dawn EP, originally slated for inclusion in an Australia-produced feature, but somehow that fell through. The poster I created to commemorate the launch of The Bigfoot Diaries live radio show was released in a limited edition.

May saw the release of Robert Boud’s video for Armageddon Dub, more dub sounds as The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable was posted on SoundCloud, more videos as Robert Griffith‘s Here Comes Gorbot was made official and The Harvester appeared on SoundCloud, slated for an EP that I totally forgot about. The Jimmy C released the eight-track EP The Man Who Never Dies featuring three mixes I did and the month ended with the release of the CMGH2 album, aka The Abandoned Project.

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

June kicked off with a teaser taste from my stoner project Ursa Major, followed by The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd album and I chipped in some $$$ on Kickstarter for James R. Petix and Sarah Babila‘s documentary It Came From Detroit.

July had me creating some merchandise designs for Belgium’s own Captain Catastrophy, I released the I’m Normal! cloudcast on MixCloud, released the “summer bonus” EP L’amour en Apesanteur and started my second side project Get Carpenter – I gotta admit I just love that name!

August saw me launching my page on Society 6, kicking off with the August 18, 1973 series honoring Tobe Hooper‘s horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. My stoner side project Ursa Major debuted with its 18-minute two-track Like Leaves and the end of the month saw the release of my faux-OST L’Isola die Morti Viventi.

September saw the launch of where I added the four-track The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable EP after things turned out less-than-optimal over at The same month Pink Hulk EP followed. The John-Carpenter-meets-King-Tubby track Cutthroats at Midnight was finished and I began work on a S/T EP. The end of the month saw the release of the Halloween-themed The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef EP and Robert Boud’s video The Modern Day Holocaust.

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

In October I chipped in more of my hard-earned cash to support Tal Zimerman‘s project Why Horror? on Kickstarter, a documentary on the whys behind this film genre, and I even had a chance to do an interview with the guy for Swedish Gore Film Society. Towards the end of the month my second Haunted House of Horrors cloudcast was released in time for Halloween.

November saw me creating some artwork for U.S.-based true crime magazine Serial Killer Magazine and the end of the month saw the release of the Cutthroats at Midnight EP.

Finally, December saw the launch of Jamie Vayda‘s Loud Comix #2 – featuring a sleeve by yours truly – the release of the It Came From Detroit documentary – check it out! – and some videos I edited with a new freebie video editing software: Battle è in Arrivo, In Orbit, Invasion of the Dead and Voodoo Rhythm/A Feast on Flesh.

Yikes! How’s that for a list? Gee, no wonder I’m tired. But then again, I am quite enjoying myself and hopefully people out there enjoy what I create as well. Got more cool things happening in 2014 and I’d appreciate you joining me to check ’em out. ‘Til then, Happy New Year!


Bigfoot Greenhorn

September 27, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Get yours!

Here’s a bit of news I’d like to share with you guys: As of now I am a staff contributor to US-based blog The Bigfoot Diaries. Me and Troy (Church, editor-in-chief) go back a while and he asked me to climb onboard earlier this week.  I gotta admit it came as a total surprise and took some convincing on his part before I said yes. Time is a factor, I can free up very little of what I have and I really want to do a good job at it. But I’ll give it my best and hope everybody’s happy. As of now it looks like I will mainly post links and news on their official Facebook page, but there might be some articles coming on the blog as well later on.

While on the subject: I think there are still some of the posters I designed available for those who wants to support independent media. These babies are 11″ X 17″, printed in a limited numbered edition and made of the highest quality card stock. Only $10 plus $5 shipping and handling, foreign rates will be higher. Ordering details via the blog.


Bigfoot Diaries

May 20, 2013

Make sure you check out the latest installment of Troy Church and Co’s The Bigfoot Diaries Live – available via YouTube! Musical guests are Seth Peters and BJ Forst of Dead Horse Trauma, the main topic is the various sub genres of metal and I was pleasantly surprised receiving a plug towards the end of the show.

Speaking of Bigfoot, the poster I created for them is still available for sale! There’s six different designs in total with every print being a 11″ X 17″ limited numbered edition and made of the highest quality card stock. Only $10 plus $5 shipping and handling, foreign rates will be higher. Get ’em here.

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Get it!


Available now!

April 29, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Get yours!

I just received the news from my pal Troy Church that the poster I created for The Bigfoot Diaries is now available for sale! Six different designs in total with every print being a 11″ X 17″ limited numbered edition and made of the highest quality card stock – many signed by the show’s guests (not me though).

All proceeds will go to maintaining business costs like PO Box fees, business cards, webcast production, etc. and is a great way to support grassroots journalism! On sale as of now at $10 a pop with an additional $5 to cover postage – international rates will be higher – so check it out here and order yours today!


Nerdgasmus Maximus

April 17, 2013

‘Scuse Grampa while he’s having a ten-minute nerdgasm, kids, but I found this YouTube video via my pal Troy Church at The Bigfoot Diaries‘ official page on Facebook and this is just audiophile heaven! I was oblivious to Quality Record Pressings, but according to information gathered they’re at the top of their game when it comes to mastering and pressing vinyl records.

This is just a total nerd dream as owner and all employees truly mastered their art – and yes, honing a craft is an art – and I can watch this clip over and over. Passion is so rare these days and watching a highly skilled worker perform is just as fascinating and inspiring as say the The Scientist at work in the studio clips I posted last year. So give it a spin and make sure you check out their official website here.



April 7, 2013

Well, as I completed yet one more lap around the block this past Friday and found myself receiving tons of pleasantries and well wishes from all corners of the world – except the usual Antarctica and North Pole, if you live there hit me up! – I was especially positively surprised when my pal Troy that runs The Bigfoot Diaries congratulated me and informed me that I share birthday with none other than Tortelvis from Dread Zeppelin! Now that, sir, is what we call awesome.

If you somehow should be unaware of this band – really? – I can inform you that they are probably the most unique damn outfit there ever was. In short they do reggae cover versions of Led Zeppelin. With an Elvis impersonator handling the vocal duties. Yeah, everybody goes “WTF!?” when I explain that. Still, if you’re gonna do something like covers – something I usually loathe – you should do what these guys are doing; A completely unique and original take on the material.

Growing as a phenomenon and cult band since the 1990s they have Robert Plant himself among their fans – check it out here for yourself if you don’t wanna take my word for it – I recommend you at least checking out some of their videos on YouTube, and speaking of Troy you can read his interview with Tortle here.


Bigfoot Diaries: Year in Review

January 1, 2013

copyright The Bigfoot Diaries!

Whoof! Check out Troy Church and The Bigfoot Diaries‘ mammoth piece The Year in Review for a great summary of events (mostly musical) from 2012! Well-written and crammed with information it’s a great piece that also offers a couple of chuckles. Check it out here.


Post #400: Summing up 2012

December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow! Yeah, with food being ready to cook and guests arriving at any minute, I’m gonna be brief. This year has been pretty amazing and looking back I am honestly astonished and proud of my efforts these past 12 months. Jeez, no wonder I’ve been tired, ha ha ha.

January started off with two teaser videos for The Norliss Tapes and a jingle (my first!) for French radio show Megawatts (check it out on YouTube). February saw The Cymatics Euro tour and the release of the 3-track EP Sugar Punch (later on discontinued, but I’m not gonna get into that). March saw the debut of The Norliss Tapes with A Little Bit Tipsy, featuring a kick-ass organ courtesy Staffan Segel, and the video soon followed. I also made the sleeve for German fanzine Ox Magazine‘s CD compilation Ox Fanzine Compilation #101.

The second quarter saw the release of Norliss’ second video A Trip To the Moon and The Cymatics Hang Out appeared on the Ox compilation CD mentioned above. After a week’s vacation in April, Bad Robot EP was released with the A Trip To the Moon EP being released prior to that. After May I’m actually surprised to see that June produced nothing (!!!), but to be honest I have no idea why.

July kicked off with The Norliss Tapes getting in touch with the producers of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West leading to a fruitful relationship that goes on to this day. And personally this opened up the world of creating soundtracks for me – something that I am really interested in pursuing in the future. I finished the sleeve for the Herz und Liebe EP – thanks to the gorgeous Eva Halloween – and The Norliss Tapes wrote the first track specifically for the S7 series – Space Pussyfoot. July also marked the debut of Bad Robot as it was the first track to be featured in the S7 show, namely Operation: Live to Die Another Day. August saw the release of the experimental QUAD – The Norliss Tapes Spatial Stereo Mixes 3-track EP, plus Bad Robot once again being featured in the S7  double episode Op: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill. After yet another week’s vacation in September I joined The Bigfoot Diaries‘ editor-in-chief Troy Church on air as we discussed corporate music and radio on The Fallon Forum, The Norliss Tapes released the Herz und Liebe EP, and both Bad Robot as well as Space Pussyfoot appeared in the end credits of the S7 series. I also chipped in some $$$ on Kickstarter to help finance  Scott Crawford and Jim Saah‘s upcoming documentary Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital to be released in 2013.

The final quarter saw an amazing amount of productivity that actually surprised the heck outta me when I finally had it written down on paper. The Norliss Tapes released the It’s Halloween EP (complete with a video) in October, I finished two videos for the Bad Robot EP, found the time to do the Haunted House of Horror’s Horrific Halloween Twist-a-Rama! podcast (available on MixCloud), wrote a second song exclusively for the S7 series (Superseven in Space Theme), plus saw more songs being featured in the S7 series. Troy Church got in touch and commissioned Halloween-themed artwork for The Bigfoot Diaries and once the Halloween EP was released I sat down to remix and remaster my old hardcore outfit Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg‘s sessions and the Blästrad EP was released – complete with two videos. After an interview with regarding GVtN’s EP in November and the video for The Norliss Tapes Groovy I immediately began work on my first solo effort entitled Call Me Greenhorn. The debut S/T EP was released (with two videos of course!) and work on the debut full length began with Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C providing the drums. The Norliss Tapes had more songs featured in the S7 series but November also saw Call Me Greenhorn’s Here Comes Gorbot debuting in the show. I finished the Armageddon Dub but made it available on my SoundCloud as I deemed it too dark to be included on the full length. December saw me beginning work remixing three tracks for an upcoming EP – finished during my two weeks of holiday vacation – and GVtN was approached by a German label expressing their interest in including some tracks on an upcoming compilation slated for release in 2013 – to which we said yes.

Damn. That’s quite a list huh? I’m satisfied albeit a bit tired. Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!



October 31, 2012

Well, who says you can’t have a little sweetness on Halloween? I was thrilled to see that Troy of the Bigfoot Diaries blog posted this little plug on their Facebook page. It’s stuff like this that cheers me up. I appreciate it a lot and why don’t you follow his advice and join up on Facebook to support? I can do stuff all year ’round, even though I’ll admit my nerdy horror obsession shines through. You’ll find the group Sellergren Design – Art is the Enemy here.


Happy Halloween II!

October 31, 2012

Well, about a week ago my pal Troy at The Bigfoot Diaries blog asked me to do some art for him to post on Halloween. Kind of a mix of the season as well as the subject matter of his page, and I’m satisfied with the results – even though I had no idea of what the color scheme of a Sasquatch/Bigfoot looked like! Thanks to google though I got the general idea and Troy was stoked by it so I’m satisfied.

Troy’s blog focus on pretty much all things alternative and offers up some great writing as well. Yes kids, us adults get bored by an endless stream of “this rocks!” and usually want to read something – anything – as long as it’s focused and informative. Check it out here.

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