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Deuce Neu Videus

November 14, 2012

Meaning  “Two New Videos” if that wasn’t clear. Sooooo not only am I busying myself with working on some new songs for the Call Me Greenhorn full length right now (and some other things that’ll be nothing short of awesome when they’re finished, but I’m keeping that under wraps for now) but I also found some time to edit together two videos to go with the first EP.

The top is opening track Nothing But Wax and was actually inspired by Esther Williams. Do you remember her? Big star when it came to synchronised swimming back in the 1940s and she made a slew of movies – all more or less built around her quite impressive water choreography. And going through old cigarette commercials over at I noticed by sheer coincidence that the animated footage fit rhythmically with the track. Once that happened I started brainstorming ideas, Esther came up and I went to work. And as a fan of DEVO how cool is it that there actually was a brand named Spud? Anyway, I googled the brand and apparently they started out as a small family business owned by this guy nicknamed “Spud” and were actually the first to manufacture menthol cigarettes. They folded in the 1940s so their commercials are considered to be in the public domain.

The second one was actually a bit more spontaneous as I checked the statistics on my Bandcamp page and noticed the EP’s most played track being The Rhythm of Love. And again keeping true to the “strike it while it’s hot” I went right to work in order to promote the song even more. Using footage from late-1960 anti-psychedelic PSAs and early-1960 nudie cuties, striptease movies and B&W roughies I gave “double projection” my first shot. Turned out pretty good even though it sure meant some extra head scratching during the process. Check ’em both out and share if you feel like it!

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