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New links!

January 2, 2013

copyright ???

Here’s two new music links I decided to add while carousing the wide wide world of web (yup, I was a huge fan of My Name is Earl! Great show!): Project Moonbase and Music for Maniacs. One focusing on all things Space Age Bachelor Pad and one covers everything from the revolutionary to the ridiculous. Judging by the names I doubt it’d be hard to figure out which is which.

The moonbase guys (based in the UK) run a podcast that covers some pretty cool sounds – both modern and not-so modern – and they hepped me to this Finnish outfit: Aavikko. Described by one critic “Like a bar mitzvah band desperately trying to combine the Peter Gunn Theme with the Tron soundtrack”, this trio mixes live drums with Moogs and manage to create some retro-mash of early Kraftwerk and 8-bit video games. Check out Diamond Pyramid off their album Back From the Futer:



Music for Supermarkets!

December 18, 2012

Well, keeping up with the X-Mas spirit, here’s a nice little album a friend on Facebook hepped me to: Music for Supermarkets! Not to be mistaken with French synth-composer Jean-Michel Jarre‘s album with the same name, this retro 13-track compilation culls the “best” of 50s and 60s muzak produced only to increase sales in the supermarkets of yore.

With titles like Bargains Galore and Window Gazing this is cheese at its best – or is “kitschy consumerism” a genre? – and even though I had a hard time finding physical copies (having me guessing it’s a semi-legit release), there are downloads available for those who don’t mind doing a bit of googling, plus this nice playlist on YouTube.

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