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Nearly Complete H.P. Lovecraft Collection

March 1, 2013
copyright ?

copyright ?

Fellow cultists rejoice as I found the mother load! A friend hepped me via email that the great site (collecting all things in the public domain) offers up a near complete collection of author H.P. Lovecraft‘s work in audio book format. Entitled, well, The Nearly Complete HP Lovecraft Collection – hey, no one ever accused librarians of being creative – it gathers a whopping 102 mp3s in one place for you to click and enjoy.

Too bad I’ve got my hands full mixing and working on soundtracks right now, but the next time I’ve got some artwork to complete I know what I’ll pop into my media player. Check it out here, and for those that prefer reading I found Cthulhu Chick‘s collection Free Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft for Nook and Kindle here.


Boob Tube

January 4, 2013

copyright ???

WARNING: The video clips in this post contains nudity, so don’t watch them fer chrissakes!

Well, I was reminded of this yesterday as I had actually completely forgotten about making them to begin with, but back in 2011 I started downloading old public domain stag- and striptease clips on, but on account of whoever uploaded said clips having insisted on adding awful Euro techno to them, I popped ’em into my video editor, went through Crypt Records’ great Las Vegas Grind compilation series for some kick-ass sleazy rock’n’roll instrumentals to score them with and made my first effort (as far as I can remember) editing video.

Anyway, if memory serves me correct I started out with Cherry Knight‘s performance and it just locked with Roger & The Gypsies‘ bad-ass Pass the Hatchet with a minimum of editing needed. Talk about pure dumb luck! If you recognize Cherry it’s probably ’cause she was one of the stars in Irwing Klaw‘s striptease classic Teaserama – that’s actually also in the public domain, so get it here!

Not too sure when I got around to edit the Bettie Page clip, but it is one of a handful public domain clips available, so make sure you search while visiting the page. The clip was obviously aimed towards the foot fetish crowd, and I gotta say it looks pretty innocent by today’s standards. I think it needed a bit more edits to make it fit with Ken Williams(My Very Own) Trash Can, but I am pretty satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately I never saved these clips in any physical format – everybody: D’OH! – with the exception of a 60-minute DVD-R that I burned in order to collect all the edited clips in one place. I might .zip it and share in the future (or maybe just upload it on YouTube), but I’ll keep you posted when and if it happens.


Deuce Neu Videus

November 14, 2012

Meaning  “Two New Videos” if that wasn’t clear. Sooooo not only am I busying myself with working on some new songs for the Call Me Greenhorn full length right now (and some other things that’ll be nothing short of awesome when they’re finished, but I’m keeping that under wraps for now) but I also found some time to edit together two videos to go with the first EP.

The top is opening track Nothing But Wax and was actually inspired by Esther Williams. Do you remember her? Big star when it came to synchronised swimming back in the 1940s and she made a slew of movies – all more or less built around her quite impressive water choreography. And going through old cigarette commercials over at I noticed by sheer coincidence that the animated footage fit rhythmically with the track. Once that happened I started brainstorming ideas, Esther came up and I went to work. And as a fan of DEVO how cool is it that there actually was a brand named Spud? Anyway, I googled the brand and apparently they started out as a small family business owned by this guy nicknamed “Spud” and were actually the first to manufacture menthol cigarettes. They folded in the 1940s so their commercials are considered to be in the public domain.

The second one was actually a bit more spontaneous as I checked the statistics on my Bandcamp page and noticed the EP’s most played track being The Rhythm of Love. And again keeping true to the “strike it while it’s hot” I went right to work in order to promote the song even more. Using footage from late-1960 anti-psychedelic PSAs and early-1960 nudie cuties, striptease movies and B&W roughies I gave “double projection” my first shot. Turned out pretty good even though it sure meant some extra head scratching during the process. Check ’em both out and share if you feel like it!


New Video!

October 20, 2011

Well, Halloween is just ’round the corner so I edited together a lil’ something on that subject for the second song off Cymatics‘ demos. It took a little while ’cause I edited the intro and outro parts separately, and added them to the final edit of the music video itself. I used footage from a public domain episode of the Milton the Monster cartoon and usually, when you edit film the ratio between raw material to finished product is at least 1:3 (example; if you’re doing a 3 minute video you need at least 9 minutes of raw material!), but for this I had less than sixty seconds worth! It’s cool though. Reminds me of those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons, that always relied on heavy reusage of clips. I’m happy with the end results but sure ain’t doin’ that again any time soon!

Anyway, check out Hang Out and don’t forget to do the Monster Mash with that special ghoulfriend or boyfiend while doing it! As always, you can check out all five demo tracks on our Bandcamp site here.


New Video

July 22, 2011

Well, my “demo recordings” turned out better than expected, so I assembled a cute video for the track Gimme a Call using footage from the 1935 public domain cartoon Dancing on the Moon. The eight song EP (I’m getting back into the studio in September to add four more tracks in order to make it a full length) is available online on my Bandcamp so check it out here.

Although not new, the two tracks from the last recording from Svarta Marias first line-up (Blinkar Grå) has been remixed and remastered and is available here. The videos are same as the old versions with newer (and improved!) sound.

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