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November 26, 2012

Now how can you not be flattered by criticism like that? I ask you. Dare you even. I’m excited to say that The Norliss Tapes video for Groovy is sure starting to climb in amount of views on YouTube. I’m stoked as hell and thank everyone involved for agreeing to do this. Keep sharing!


Groovy (and then some!)

November 26, 2012

You know the phrase “stoked”? Well, I’m no bitter old man (although I do unleash The Angry Old Fart every once in a while) and I consider myself to have most of my childhood enthusiasm intact, but I still think words like “stoked” or “awesome” have become a bit overused. A bowl of corn flakes is nice for breakfast but calling it “awesome” might be taking it a bit too far. That said I am stoked and thrilled to announce the premiere of The Norliss Tapes video for Groovy featuring the cast of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The second installment of what I call The Trilogy of Awesomeness, this idea was born early on as I am a fan of the series, but it took some time for me to finally muster up the courage to email Robert and Jerry that produce the series asking if this was doable. To my surprise they said yes and a short while later I had all the footage needed to edit the video. How cool is that of them? I know there’s still a couple of weeks left, but so far this video is the most fun I’ve had in 2012. Awesome!

Anyway, as an added bonus we decided to make this a free download for fans of the band as well as the series. It’s roughly 335 MBs and you can get it here. Please share the link. If you have YouTube both Norliss and the S7 crew would appreciate you sharing the video and don’t forget to check out the Herz und Liebe EP on Bandcamp here.

UPDATE: Director Robert Griffith created an event on Facebook for the video, so please join up here and share among your friends etc. We’ll all appreciate it. Thanks!



August 7, 2012

Now, I can’t say I’m that into this musical genre, but being active with so-called plunderphonics with The Norliss Tapes I can see the charm of mashups, using already recorded music in order to create something new. It’s only logical that 30+ years after sampling became a hot commodity a musical genre using only samples would grow and thrive. You can think what you will about the phenomena, but it’s here and at least worth a good look into before you come to any conclusions.

Anyway, via the blog Dangerous Minds I found G3RSt‘s mashup Get Up Hitch A Ride that blends Green Day and Bob Marley seamlessly, with a nicely edited video to boot! I checked YouTube for more material and there’s at least a handful more interesting material so check ’em out!

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