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Evil Dead II (claymation)

October 18, 2012

Well, here’s a nice little clip I stumbled across: Evil Dead II – the claymation! For all of you that enjoyed the Pingu version of John Carpenter‘s The Thing (personally I found that version way better than the 2011 remake), director/animator Lee Hardcastle offers up tons more of short and funny reimaginations including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Robo With a Shotgun and Shaun of the Dead.

He recently visited Sweden as a guest at the Lund’s International Fantastic Film Festival (giving a Q&A), and you can see that and much, much more on his official website here and his YouTube channel here. I wrote about the Pingu claymation here.


Pingu Thing-y!

July 18, 2012

Well, I wrote about this “fanfilm” earlier, but as we all noticed some people just don’t have a sense of humor, so of course it was removed from YouTube. Yes, the Pingu version of John Carpenter‘s damn classic remake of The Thing is perfectly executed and funny as well – in fact, it’s way better than the 2011 prequel/remake!

Speaking of the original remake (how’s that for a weird phrase making it into our vocabulary?), Carpenter’s 1982 movie might not have been an initial box office success – audiences preferred the cutesy E.T. when it came to aliens – but once that baby hit the video shelves it became a cult classic! Dark, paranoid, somewhat nihilistic and with amazing special effects courtesy Rob Bottin (who actually worked so hard on it he was hospitalized for exhaustion) that knocked viewers flat on their asses. Easily available on DVD there’s some beefy 2-disc special editions out there with tons of bonus material, so if you haven’t seen this – DO!


The Thing

January 4, 2012

Well, I recently saw the new re-make of The Thing and I gotta admit, the Pingu version is way better. Nothing wrong with Hollywood’s obsession with depicting the every day man’s struggle against expensive computer graphics, but sometimes a guy just wanna watch real flames, see some Karo suryp splattered on the walls and OD on classic Old School latex effects.

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