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Killer Deal

November 14, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Here we go with the latest batch of prints available via my Society 6! Got four designs finished for Serial Killer MagazineRichard Ramirez, Ed Gein, Albert Fish and Ted Bundy –  plus two woodcuts, including one weird sort of tribute to Daniel Johnston.

The latter prints were a bit fun to do as I’ve never really tried it before. The images were cut, photographed and then finished in Photoshop with okay results. The true crime illustrations are a blend of all kinds of imagery and I really went for trying to make these murderers look as twisted and messed up as they were in real life.

All in all six new art prints, and if you order via this link you’ll get free shipping worldwide! The offer expires November 17, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time and excludes framed art prints, stretched canvases and throw pillows with insert. Check ’em out, spread the word and “like” my Facebook!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!


Pic o/t Weekend

December 7, 2012

Hey, sometimes it just have to be something really simple. Like this pic I got from Facebook (as always these days) that shows a nice bit of Photoshop wizardry. Actor Nicholas Cage meets Led Zeppelin. Fun!

Speaking of ‘Zep I gotta admit I never was a huge fan. Heavy metal isn’t my forte, but I consider John Bonham to be a brilliant drummer! Described by many that knew him he was loud and boorish and quite a handful to deal with when he was drunk, but when it comes to keeping the beat steady he’s second to none (and he is a favorite to sample among rap artists).

For a dose of truly “out there”, are you familiar with Dread Zeppelin? The first time I saw them (which was actually the video below) I kinda sat there with my jaw on the floor going “what THE HELL is this?” A personal fave of singer Robert Plant (he considers them genius), they do reggae versions of Zep’s classics. With an Elvis Presley impersonator handling the vocal duties. Yup, you read that right. Now, you’ll either love or hate them, there’s really no in between, which for me is the tell-tale sign of a great artist. Check out their version of Immigrant Song:



January 17, 2012

Found this on YouTube. Funny as hell and covering some of the Photoshop trickery that’s used these days in media.


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