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Lethal Justice

October 17, 2012

Well, this lil’ clip sure has began making its rounds on the ‘Net, but I didn’t really have the time to check it out until last night: Hardcore outfit OFF‘s new video Wrong starring Jack Black. Directed by Whitey McConnaughy it draws its inspiration from old 70s Saturday Afternoon movies and is a pretty funny mix of kung-fu flicks and Starsky & Hutch-esque tv-series. Check it out, but be advised it gets a little gory towards the end. Fun!

UPDATE: Duh, I’m actually running behind on this one! The Lethal Justice video was actually the third directed by McConnaughy. I completely missed out on the equally funny Borrow and Bomb/I Got News For You starring Dave Foley that some might remember from the 90s television show Kids in the Hall. Check it out:



Mummy Talk

August 14, 2012

I already written about my pal Troy and his Five Questions With… series on The Bigfoot Diaries blog (and more recently their giveaway of cool postcards). I did one back in 2010, but my favorite so far is when he got hold of vocalist Keith Morris (OFF! ex-Circle Jerks, Black Flag) and got some nice, beefy answers to his questions. More recently (actually posted yesterday) he got hold of legendary drummer Russel Quan of The Mummies fame. Albeit a bit short, it was kind cool to read, so check it out here.



April 12, 2012

Well, a lot more peeps are checking out this blog after Ox Fanzine hit the streets, so I thought I’d remind that you can find my portfolio on Facebook as well. Join up Sellergren Design – Art is the Enemy here. I received my copy in the mail yesterday and boy is it a beefy issue! As always it was crammed with interviews, columns etc. and it’s gonna take me a while to read through the whole thing. Check it out!

In other news, OFF! just released their first video from their coming second album (sorry, have no idea what the title is) and it’s yet more of the classic HC sounds you’d expect from ex-Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris. Directed by Richard Kern himself it’s pretty cool and I can’t wait until the CD/LP hit the streets!


Cerebral Ballzy

November 15, 2011

Well, to be honest it is kinda weird seeing how today’s generation are getting into the classic hardcore sounds of the 80’s, and suddenly bands that offers up a brand of music that was deemed “unlistenable” twenty years ago are featured in all the big music magazines and getting some heavy rotation on various music channels today. But unlike some bitter old men in the underground scene I’m loving it! I wrote about Keith Morris‘ new project OFF! some time ago – and missed their show in Malmö on account of the typical “no funds” that plague a lot of people these days – and Brooklyn’s finest Cerebral Ballzy offers up more of the same classic high-speed aggression that makes old farts like me misty eyed of nostalgia and kids excited ’cause it sure as hell is way more exciting than the usual crap that gets labeled rock’n’roll these days.

Just a bunch of kids from the mean streets of New York – thank God for that ’cause the usual rich kid rebels got me gagging!!! – blasting through their songs like there was no tomorrow. Check out their official site here and their debut album is actually available at Amazon. And visit their channel on YouTube for more videos!



July 25, 2011

Well, I doubt anyone within the underground community missed out on these guys, but I’ll post this anyway simply because they rock. Keith Morris (ex-Black Flag, Circle Jerks etc.) teamed up with members from Rocket From the Crypt, The Burning Brides and Redd Kross to form OFF! – a band that to put it simple decided to ignore what happened with Punk Rock since 1981 and ended up with something that weirdly enough sounds fresh in 2011! Their first full length (entitled First Four EP’s) is hands down an amazing release, offering sixteen classic early HC blasts in less than twenty minutes. There’s been rave reviews all over the place but to add my own two cents; this is what the Circle Jerks second album could’ve sounded like!

The album can be found pretty much all over from online shops – even on Amazon – and they’re touring Europe – including Sweden! – this fall so make sure to check them out! And in case you need a incentive, check out the clip of their show at House of Vans here. My pal Troy who runs the Bigfoot Diaries blog recently interviewed Keith, so check it out here.

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