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The Wicker Man

May 22, 2013
copyright The Daily Mash 2013!

copyright The Daily Mash 2013!

Well, here’s a little something to cheer me up as I am bummed out sitting at home and being sick: This brilliant new (?) t-shirt design from the web’s number one home for sarcasm, The Daily Mash. Just a wicker man and Welcome to Wales. I’ve written about this faux-news site before, but if you like classic British humor with a bit of extra bite this is the best place to go – I myself usually start off my Saturdays spending an hour reading up on their articles and laughing out loud. Get the t-shirt here.

Speaking of which; If you haven’t seen the 1973 Hammer Films classic I can highly recommend it! It’s a brilliant murder mystery with occult overtones, starring Christopher Lee among others. It’s one of my (many) faves from the 70’s and a truly remarkable offering that actually shows the cultural clashes between modern Western belief systems versus the Old Religion – I don’t wanna get into it too much ’cause I don’t wanna ruin it for those of you who still haven’t seen it. A great film and I highly recommend it!

Check out the trailer and stay away from the Nicholas Cage remake fer chrissakes!


Pic o/t Weekend

December 7, 2012

Hey, sometimes it just have to be something really simple. Like this pic I got from Facebook (as always these days) that shows a nice bit of Photoshop wizardry. Actor Nicholas Cage meets Led Zeppelin. Fun!

Speaking of ‘Zep I gotta admit I never was a huge fan. Heavy metal isn’t my forte, but I consider John Bonham to be a brilliant drummer! Described by many that knew him he was loud and boorish and quite a handful to deal with when he was drunk, but when it comes to keeping the beat steady he’s second to none (and he is a favorite to sample among rap artists).

For a dose of truly “out there”, are you familiar with Dread Zeppelin? The first time I saw them (which was actually the video below) I kinda sat there with my jaw on the floor going “what THE HELL is this?” A personal fave of singer Robert Plant (he considers them genius), they do reggae versions of Zep’s classics. With an Elvis Presley impersonator handling the vocal duties. Yup, you read that right. Now, you’ll either love or hate them, there’s really no in between, which for me is the tell-tale sign of a great artist. Check out their version of Immigrant Song:


Bringing Out the Dead

June 29, 2012

Well, I gotta admit things have been kinda slow lately. Talked to a friend about this earlier this week and oddly enough I’m not alone feeling kinda tired and not that energetic right now. Then again, summer has been awful in Sweden so far. We’re talking around ten degrees centigrade (approx. 50 degrees F.) and perpetual rain. Maybe I just need some good old-fashioned sunshine to cheer me up. And unlike what some sources claim they’re a great source for making your body produce Vitamin D.

So it was kinda cool seeing a friend posting this old clip on my Facebook. A great sequence from Scorcese‘s Bringing Out the Dead. One of the darkest movies I’ve seen from him and Nicholas Cage really does a great job portraying a burn-out (although I’ll never forgive the guy for agreeing to do the God-awful remake of The Wicker Man. You are not supposed to go “Yes! Boo-ya!” when they burn the hero in the end). And with The Clash being one of the first bands that got me into punk rock to begin with it’s enough to make me bop in my office chair and cheer up for a moment.

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