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Morricone Rocks

February 27, 2013

Oh man, this is just amazingly good. YouTube user MorriconeRocks made an impressive effort collecting the works of genius (and prolific!) Italian composer Ennio Morricone, separating them into different playlists with themes like westerns, party, funk, and even some ‘eroticism’ (still pretty SFW.)

Much has been said about this composer, but the thing that strikes me listening to this material is his passion and sometimes amazingly bold experimentation – especially when you consider that the bulk of his work was for mostly low-budget European productions. Some 50 years after these songs were recorded some of the work still sounds fresh and kinda ‘out there’ for lack of a better phrase. And imagine how avant garde he must’ve seemed when he decided to throw in all kinds of instruments and musical genres into the mix back in the 60s when film productions stuck with strictly orchestral arrangements!

There’s tons of great stuff to be discovered and enjoyed, so visit the channel here and click away!

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