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(More) Memes!

December 9, 2012

Get it at the toilet store too!

Oops, well I completely forgot to tell ya’ll about this: Made some new memes while having short coffee breaks too this weekend. Yup, even when I’m on a break I produce. I am that damaged, ha ha ha.

Anyway, the first one (top) is kinda inspired by the “Keep on Truckin'” t-shirts, stickers, posters and whatnot of the 70s, using my fave Anchorman character : Brick Tamland! Ever heard of the expression “the poetry of stupidity”? Well, that guy embodies it.

The second one (bottom) is Chuck Norris of course and I actually made it while looking for a decent photo of Brick. Now, much has been said about December 21st and it being the Apocalypse based on predictions from an ancient Mayan calender – and something tells me we’ll hear way more this coming weeks! – but I highly suggest that you look it up. They never said anything about the end of mankind. So, I thought this kinda fit.

Again, feel free to share these. That’s what memes are for.

Chuck'll chuck it with a chuckle.

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