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Soundtrack o/t Day

December 21, 2012

Well, even though I don’t share the (erroneous) belief of today being the end of our times, I still find this kinda fitting considering the date: Late 80s “alternative hit” It’s The End of the World by R.E.M. I found it both disturbing and fascinating at the same time how people now seem almost hell bent on believing the Mayans predicted the Apocalypse today when even the slightest bit of research – and  we’re talking “googling shit and clicking the first result” – will inform you of the exact opposite. I guess mainstream media truly thrives on spreading fear and misinformation no matter how false it is, but it’s frustrating after reading up on it that the correct information seem to go in one ear and out the other.
– It’s the end of the world!
– Umm, actually it’s the end of their Long Count, a cycle of roughly 5,000 years. But just like our calendars they start over with the first calendar tomorrow.
– Well, no. Some have interpreted it as the end of a cycle and this leading to a new age of mankind, but no Apocalypse.
– We’re doomed!
– I’m outta here…

Anyway, I can share that after reading up on various prophecies regarding today (because I have an inquisitive mind which means that every time something fascinates me I want to know all there is about it), I found that none of those actually predict an Armageddon. And contrary to the popular mainstream belief the Mayans say absolutely nothing about it. The Hopi indians do tell something along those lines but clearly states that mankind is at a crossroads right now and need to make a choice regarding our collective future. One road leads to a new consciousness and peace and the other leads to a Great War that will engulf us all in flames and render this planet to nothing more than a cold, dead lump of coal until the end of our galaxy. But again, they clearly state there’s a choice.

I was actually a bit amused and think my Christian friends will find the Chinese I-Ching predictions of 2012 fascinating as it claims that this month a wise man will rise and start preaching to the people leading the World into a new golden age. Personally I liked what some of the Hindu believe – that December 2012 is the end of what they call ‘Kali Yuga’ (‘The Age of Kali’): A dark, degenerate time in mankind’s age where we turned on each other, fought unnecessary wars, were plagued by disease and starvation, true intelligence was lost and ridiculed, and we as a species not only lost our way, but also our souls (and don’t kid yourself, we fucked up royally these last couple of thousand years). And seeing the end of such a despicable age around lunch time today is actually kinda comforting.

Enjoy the song. Enjoy the solstice. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow.

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