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Real life Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

December 11, 2012

copyright ???

Oh man, these are some truly great photographs! Via Eva Halloween‘s great blog The Year of Halloween I was hepped to cosplay artist Malro-Doll‘s Corpse Bride photoshoot posted on eMorfes. A great amount of effort has been put into this, and everything from the costumes to the make up looks beautiful.

Seven photographs in total, all looking great. Check it out here and read Eva’s post here.


New Artwork

August 8, 2011

Well, can’t share any more info just yet – ’cause it’s a work in progress – but I’m doing some pretty cool artwork right now for an upcoming CD to be released later on this fall! Sorta weird “infernal circus” themed with a nice blend of fiendish devils and horrific clowns – some, as you can see, wearing KISS make-up! It’s gonna be cool.

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