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April 11, 2014


Here’s a quickie note for ya: Call Me Greenhorn‘s Space Kitty 2000 album is now available via Eleven tracks in total mixing up a wide variety of influences in one retro-sounding mess – and it’s yours for merely $7.99. Check it out here and if you wanna give it a spin you can do so at Spotify, Deezer and Last.FM.


Space Kitty 2000

March 24, 2014

It’s finally here! The second (but fifth in all) album from my oddity project Call Me Greenhorn. Entitled Space Kitty 2000, the follow-up to the 2013 album The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd! offers eleven tracks written and recorded between December 2013 up to March of this year. No real reason for the title, it just struck me as “fun” – which in all honesty is at least 75% of the reason I’m doing this to being with.

Personally I am very satisfied with this collection of tracks. Listening to it now I think it has a nice flow and it seems that I finally arrived at a point creatively where all my influences – sans punk rock and 1980s American hardcore – blended together in a sound that showcase them all quite nicely. It’s all here; Old school soul, funk and R&B; cheesy Moog weirdness; lounge; retro-futur; Beastie Boys-styled breakbeats, 1980s new wave/synths (there’s even some Kraftwerk!) and I even managed to add some King Tubby-esque techniques into it all – including two dubs.

Available via Bandcamp and iTunes as of now, will be added next week with tons more to follow. If you’ve got Spotify or Last.FM you can stream the album here and here, and make sure to check out the Simian Walk video on YouTube (below) and Vimeo here!


New artwork/New EP!

May 23, 2012

Well, I just uploaded the third release from The Norliss Tapes entitled Bad Robot EP on Bandcamp. The songs themselves have been finished for the last week or so, it was just a question of me finishing the artwork for the sleeve. Funny enough I made it on my new computer and of course I didn’t have the font installed that I usually use, and I assure you it was hilarious. Especially since my mind drew a complete blank when it came to trying to remember its name.

Anyway, everything’s solved and it both looks and sounds good. I think me and Staffan are really starting to go places creatively with this project. Check it out here and Last FM is coming soonish. A little taste below:



May 9, 2012

Well, it took its fair share of time on account of server problems (my guess), but The Norliss Tapes finally has a page on Last FM! For now it’s just the A Little Bit Tipsy release available, but we’ll keep adding more material soon. Staffan sent me some new songs today and I’m finishing up some tracks at home as well so there’s no shortage. Don’t wanna give away too much but there’s a pretty cool tribute to The King himself Bruce Campbell in the works . Check it out here.


More Norliss

May 8, 2012

Well, I’ve been keeping myself really busy lately going through about 7 GB of samples for The Norliss Tapes at home, and as insane as it may sound I’m super excited about where the project is coming along now! Got some new members to be added – nothing I can make official yet – and with such an amazing amount of fodder for future songs I just can’t wait until we have the new material ready for release!

Added to that I’ve been working on websites for the project and there’s a Facebook up and running now with Bandcamp and Last FM coming soonish. And as a bonus incentive for me and the other members it seems like as of now is hosting some of our videos. Pretty cool for something I made on my free time and lunchbreaks huh? Check it out here.

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