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The Bonhamizer!

February 19, 2013
copyright ???

copyright ???

No, this is not the latest celluloid offering courtesy Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Bonhamizer (better use capitals on that one) is an online mash-up generator of sorts – is that even a word? – that lets you upload any song of your choice and apply John Bonham‘s mighty drumming style to it. Like they say, some songs just need a little bit of Bonzo.

There’s four different beats in total, and if you haven’t got any specific tunes you wanna try out there’s already versions of The BeatlesNorwegian Wood and The White StripesSeven Nation Army to peruse. Check it out here.


Pic o/t Weekend

December 7, 2012

Hey, sometimes it just have to be something really simple. Like this pic I got from Facebook (as always these days) that shows a nice bit of Photoshop wizardry. Actor Nicholas Cage meets Led Zeppelin. Fun!

Speaking of ‘Zep I gotta admit I never was a huge fan. Heavy metal isn’t my forte, but I consider John Bonham to be a brilliant drummer! Described by many that knew him he was loud and boorish and quite a handful to deal with when he was drunk, but when it comes to keeping the beat steady he’s second to none (and he is a favorite to sample among rap artists).

For a dose of truly “out there”, are you familiar with Dread Zeppelin? The first time I saw them (which was actually the video below) I kinda sat there with my jaw on the floor going “what THE HELL is this?” A personal fave of singer Robert Plant (he considers them genius), they do reggae versions of Zep’s classics. With an Elvis Presley impersonator handling the vocal duties. Yup, you read that right. Now, you’ll either love or hate them, there’s really no in between, which for me is the tell-tale sign of a great artist. Check out their version of Immigrant Song:

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