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Rome Web Awards

February 23, 2015

Hey, hot on the trail of the Academy Awards I received a bit of pleasantly surprising news this morning. Turns out me and Jerry Kokich‘s track They Call Me Super7even off the ‘They Call Me Superseven’ OST soundtrack has been nominated in the Best Song category of the 2015 Rome Web Awards! Pretty neat.

Now, the announcements were made between February 20th – 22nd, and if my understanding from what I read on the official website is correct, the winners will be announced in September this year. Please keep your fingers crossed and give the track a spin on Bandcamp below.

EDIT: Received an update. The award ceremony will be broadcast on April 17th – 19th.



May 31, 2013
copyright? I got this via

copyright? I got this via

Whoa Nellie! Well, I’ve been made aware that I have a tendency to blitz through things and just don’t leave enough time – or room – to fully promote the stuff I do. I gotta admit that is a character trait of mine. I’m so engulfed in the creation part of the process that once I’m finished with it I kinda just leave it and move on to the next thing. So with that in mind, here’s a sampler of what I’ve done lately and your chance to catch up with it all:

The Jimmy C – The Man Who Never Dies (REMIX EP 2013)

Featuring my three remixes of the title track. Check it out here.

Call Me Greenhorn – The Harvester

A brand-new, bit darker track that won’t appear on the coming S/T album due to be released in June. Check it out on my SoundCloud as well.

Call Me Greenhorn – Here Comes Gorbot (video)

New video for the CMGH2 aka The Abandoned Project album directed by Robert Griffith from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West, starring Olivia Dunkley and Jerry Kokich – the latter as Gorbot. Good fun! Check it out on my YouTube as well.

Call Me Greenhorn – The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable

The first “darker” track that actually will be included on CMGH‘s debut. I love 70’s Jamaican dub and I’m satisfied with the results. Check that one out on my SoundCloud while you’re at it.

Call Me Greenhorn – Armageddon Dub (video)

And finally we have the kick-ass video for Armageddon Dub directed by brilliant UK photographer Robert Boud. His haunting imagery was a perfect fit for this track and I’m so stoked he agreed to do this. Check out the single on my Bandcamp here and the video on YouTube here, and make sure to visit his official page for a taste of his other works!

So there we go! Make sure you spread this around and stay tuned for more updates!


“Hey Hey I’m Greenhorn…”

May 23, 2013

Hey peeps, make sure to check out the 31st episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West available now! Entitled Operazione: Video Musicale it’s a silly and fun romp that is very Monkees-esque and featuring music videos for Call Me Greenhorn and Jerry Kokich‘s I Am Superseven as well as The Jimmy C‘s Sandra West Theme and Clear Today.

Taken from the recently-released They Call Me Superseven OST that is still available on my Bandcamp. Nineteen tracks in total that were written for or inspired by the series. Tons of goodies. Check it out below and tell your friends!


Here Comes Gorbot!

May 15, 2013

Well, after that less-than-optimistic previous post it’s time for some kick-ass news that’s actually been months in the making. Time to premiere the video for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Here Comes Gorbot – off the coming CMGH2 aka The Abandoned Project album!

Directed by Robert Griffith it stars Jerry Kokich and Olivia Dunkley from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West web series – Olivia at her best Fay Wray and Jerry doing some great work as the King Kong-esque Gorbot, one of my fave criminal characters from the series. If memory serves me correct the video was shot in November 2012 and the songs were created some time during fall of said year.

Anyway, the album is due to be released later on this month complete with bonus tracks and the video. In the meantime check it out and share away! Cheers!

UPDATE: I’m stoked to announce that the video has been selected top pick at! Check it out here and if you install their application you can even watch it on your iPhone!


They Call Me Superseven!

April 15, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, put on your mask and dance the Batusi to Call Me Greenhorn‘s just-released They Call Me Superseven OST album! A total of nineteen tracks written for and inspired by the The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West webseries, it’s a mix of garage, 60s Beat, schmaltz, French ye-ye and circa 1960s Ennio Morricone.

I’m excited as hell about this ’cause listening to it now I think it sounds great and manage to cover a lot of different styles while still being quite retro in its sound. Personal faves – and these are damn hard to choose – are the lounge-y Swizzle Stick, Les Rayons Gamma, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-esque T.H.E.M. Distress Signal, and how funny isn’t the I Am Superseven track featuring actor Jerry Kokich on vocals?

Anyway, tons of goodies that took roughly a month and a half to produce, so check it out here (and do share) and I also uploaded the Superseven Chase Theme on SoundCloud so check that one out below:


Jerry Kokich on GenreTainment

March 20, 2013
copyright SciFi Pulse!

copyright SciFi Pulse!

Check out the GenreTainment interview with Jerry Kokich that aired yesterday on SciFi Pulse Radio. About an hour in length Jerry shares tons of info about The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West, plus a wide variety of topics like his love for Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies, Superseven’s career as a recording artist (soundtrack album coming soon, hint hint), classic 60s TV, a funny anecdote regarding Kentucky Fried Chicken, some great advice regarding low budget productions (something he also covered in his great article How To Make A Web Series that he wrote for, plus a much appreciated plug for me and my music.

Check it out here and don’t forget to share!


Jerry Kokich on GenreTainment!

March 16, 2013
copyright Jerry Kokich

copyright Jerry Kokich

Tune in on Tuesday this coming week (March 19th) as Superseven himself – Jerry Kokich – appears on the GenreTainment show hosted by Marx and Julie. As the feature They Call Me Superseven is coming closer to be released I’m guessing the main focus will be on that one, but as Jerry not only stars but also produces and sometimes direct, there’l probably be lots of anecdotes and trivia shared in this our long interview. Stream it online here. And while on the subject of the feature I am now finished with all the 14 tracks and only have some audio tweaking to do before it can be released.

Speaking of Jerry, he recently asked me to provide him with some music for a pitch trailer he was working on. And if you like me have no idea what that is, I googled after I said yes – always say ‘yes’ and then find out what the hell it is all about – it’s apparently a way for producers/directors to sell the concept of an idea to a network or film studio along with script, production sketches etc. I liked the idea and started working on something that’s based on the Gilligan’s Theme but sounding a lot more 21st century. I finished it, sent a .zip and this morning he sent me an email with the link for the finished pitch trailer for his Gilligan’s Island of the Dead. Check it out and feel free to share!


Les Rayons Gamma!

March 10, 2013
En français, s'il vous plaît!

En français, s’il vous plaît!

Well, as I am getting pretty damn close to finishing the soundtrack album for The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West‘s feature They Call Me Superseven – it’s been sequenced and I’m finishing up the final song – I thought it was time to share a second teaser taste from it: Call Me Greenhorn‘s Les Rayons Gamma featuring a vocal contribution from ‘Seven himself! There’s a nice, almost Aerosmith-y Walk This Way kinda beat to it with some pretty gnarly hammonds wailing away on top of it. Check it out on here.

Like I already told Jerry Kokich – who stars as Superseven – the album is coming near to completion now. There’s one more track to be finished, then it’s just a matter of some overall audio tweaking before it’s released. Fourteen songs in total (give or take just in case I get super-inspired this coming week), give it a spin below:


How To Make A Web Series

October 17, 2012

I was hepped to this article via The Adventures of Superseven‘s official page on FacebookJerry Kokich‘s How To Make A Web Series that he wrote for In it he gives some great advice when it comes to indie filmmaking using his own experience producing the Superseven web-series. And I think he brings up some great points in his article, but the main one is that many hopefuls waste their time (and money!) on the tech side when it’s the creative one that really matters. And that’s something I’ve been trying to tell people for years. You think you need a zillion dollar’s worth of equipment in order to make that masterpiece? No, all you need is a good, compelling story (or just a plain entertaining one!) and people will watch it even if you shot it on your darn iPhone.

In the end tech means very little. Sure, it can add a nice polish to an already good product, but – as the old musician’s proverb go – you can’t polish a turd pal. And that’s one of my main problems with today’s film industry.  I’m gonna use Alien 4 as an example: I’ve done lighting on small local indie projects (and I’ve learned my fair share of available tricks when it comes to film editing) and from a strict technical point that movie is just perfect. Each scene is an individual masterpiece and is nothing short of breathtaking when it comes to scenery, lighting, camera filtering and editing. Still, I find it duller than watching the lawn grow. In November. The story is a hack-job at best, the characters pure cardboard and the dialogue is so excrutiatingly bad I can almost enjoy it on a pure ironic level. I have no idea how much it made at the box office, but I seriously doubt it had the same impact as Alien or the follow-up Aliens. Compare that to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (yep, Angry Old Fart is gonna bring up Tobe Hooper‘s classic once again!) or John Carpenter‘s Halloween that were shot on a beat-up old 16 mm camera (although I think Carpenter went with 35) with an inexperienced crew of enthusiasts, starring noob actors and for laughable budgets somewhere  around $300,000.

That’s all you need. Enthusiasm and a great story. Don’t get stuck on the tech hooplah because chances are you’re gonna find yourself paralyzed by it. The average viewer is willing to accept a lot if he or she is truly entertained by your product. And to people that insist on the tech-talk (and FYI there’s a lot of that when it comes to music as well) I’ve got the same question I’ve had for years: So what typewriter did John Steinbeck use?

Anyway, it’s a great article. Read it here.


Monday is Superseven Day!

October 15, 2012

Yay! Monday again and by now you should know what that means: A sparkling fresh new episode of The Adventures of Superseven! And this one is (in my humble opinion) their best one yet! Hilarious dialogue, some great puns (as always), excellent Adam West-esque delivery by leading man Jerry Kokich, a kick-ass fighting sequence and overall just great!  A winner!

Check it out, make sure you check out the official website as well and visit them on Facebook too!

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