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Diversión en Español!

May 5, 2015

Well, since literally tens of people has been asking about Pure Melvin, here’s a brief update and sample. With Jamie (aka The Jimmy C) focusing on his second full length and me working on Videogram‘s debut album on Cineploit, the coming EP – entitled Profoundly Relaxing – will be pushed forward to some time this coming summer.

The tracks are pretty much finished, it’s just time for mixing, mastering and sequencing that’s needed. Took some time off last night and finished up the mix of Fruta Sabrosa, so give it a spin on SoundCloud and give us a like on Facebook while you’re at it.


Pure Melvin

November 12, 2014

What’s up with the bad vibes, man? Well, after having experienced more than my fair share of shit going through a rough patch – don’t ask – I decided to vent with the all-new synth punk/garage wave project Pure Melvin. For those expecting something similar to Videogram or Call Me Greenhorn this couldn’t be further from it as it is aggressive, dark and kinda punk rock in its delivery.

Teaming up with Aussie musician Jamie Coghill, who’s handling the rhythm department, we’re currently in the midst of working out tracks for what’ll either end up as an album or an EP. This is more spontaneous than my previous projects and we’re making an effort not to overproduce or overthink anything. Just blast it out, keep the energy intact and maintain the freshness of each idea.

It’s too early to tell if this is a one-off kinda thing or something I’ll return to, but make sure to check out Officer Friendly rough mix on SoundCloud and give us a “like” on Facebook here. More tunage coming soon!

EDIT: Just finished up another track tonight and decided to post it on SoundCloud, so make sure to give Clone Factory a spin as well!


Link Roundup

September 5, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Hey! New week and a new post! Well, just a quickie update going through some news in Camp Sellergren etc. ’cause I am keeping myself quite busy (gee whadda surprise!). Here we go:

UK-based Gorilla Film Magazine gave a super-nice plug for Call Me Greenhorn‘s L’Isola dei Morti Viventi OST album earlier this week – to which I am much, much obliged. Check it out here and get a taste of the “…sweet, sweet Zombie inspired tunes” here.

Music-wise I can proudly announce that I will shortly sign a third sync-license contract, this time with a German agency in order to cover Europe. That leaves Japan/Asia and Australia in my quest to have representation on all continents, but in the mean time I’ll spin this with my morning coffee. I jest, of course, but it is pretty damn thrilling.

While on the subject of music; I recently received two emails from DJ Supercrunk and Scary Monster – or shit, make that back in July! (Jeez am I running behind on stuff.) Anyway, both are creating sounds in the mash-up genre and you can check out the DJ’s project I Heart Bowie here and the Monster’s (feat. Rodney DangerfieldGet Laid here. Tell ’em I sent ya!

Got some new stuff made available on my Society 6. There’s Xirdneth, another addition to my Cthulhu Rising series (yes, I fully intend to do every creature); the pop art-y All Hands; a tribute to the 1961 zombie cult classic The Dead One aka Blood of the Zombie called Voodoo Drums; a tribute to Franz Kafka‘s Metamorphosis entitled Gregor Samsa (check it out at the top); and finally Octaman!, that’s a tribute to the 1971 cult classic with the same name. Check ’em out, but keep in mind that us Europeans have to add roughly $10 per order to cover shipping.

My page on Facebook is starting to take off so please join me at The same goes for CMGH’s that you’ll find at How ’bout joining them both? Cheers!

While on the subject; UK photographer Robert Boud recently joined the S6 family, so check out his works at I still wish you’d add that Walking Dead-esque bonus photo to the collection, Rob, he he he.

Like I already stated I love browsing Society 6 ’cause there are tons and tons of just brilliant works waiting to be perused. My recent finds (that I will get my hands on one day, dammit) are Billy Ludwig‘s Impale Design (WWII meets Star Wars), Ong Ngoc Phuong (great surreal stuff with a tad Rauschenberg feel), Ron E. Ott (his Gthulu Washingfthtagn is a must for Lovecraft fans!), John Branham‘s Zombietron that has this insanely good Leatherface art print available, and lastly (but sure not least!) Eli Wolff that has a unique style of his own that kinda reminds me of Joe Coleman. His Kali art print will grace my living room wall shortly. Check ’em all out!

And finally, my colleague Jamie Coghill, the co-provider of sounds for The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West under The Jimmy C moniker, is currently looking for some supplemental income. I quote from his Facebook:

I’m looking for some freelance graphic design work to do from home. I’m cheap and I’ve been designing since 2000 working in the CD/DVD industry. I’ve done heaps of CD covers, logos and posters so if anyone needs something done or knows someone who does let me know!

If you’ve got an upcoming project hit him up by writing him a message here.

And to finish this off like I started: Check out Aidan Quinn‘s brilliant reading of the genius opening of Kafka’s novel below. ‘Til next time. Cheers!


Mr. Someone

April 30, 2013
copyright Jamie Coghill 2013!

copyright Jamie Coghill 2013!

Check it out: Aussie musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C just released the first of this year’s coming two EPs! Titled Mr. Someone it features the single version of the title track with seven bonus songs – all in the more or less the same vein as his recently-released Orbital Debris album.

Like I already wrote, the vibe of his new album differs from the great Glamour & Fame album and delivers some tunage that reminds me of The Kinks‘ circa Face to Face period. This release offers some nice jangly pop with darker edges plus the occasional quirky track. Check it out and visit him on Facebook too!


Heads I Win, Tails You Die!

March 13, 2013

Yay! Just received a heads up from director Robert Griffith that the fifth season of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West just kicked off with episode 28 named Operation: Heads I Win, Tails You Die! featuring some great musical work courtesy The Jimmy C as well as my recent additions Ooky Pt.1 and Superseven Chase Theme (coming soon on a soundtrack album near you, hint hint.)

This looks great and I think the increase in amounts of music used actually adds nicely to the overall viewing experience – especially the fight sequence with Olivia Dunkley! And I thought it was pretty funny putting Jamie’s Eulogy off his recent Orbital Debris album as a sign-off. Check it out and feel free to share!


Call Me Greenhorn – album teaser (repost)

March 11, 2013

Well, with the They Call Me Superseven soundtrack album soon finished, along with some other obligations as well, I’ll soon be getting right back to finishing the first Call Me Greenhorn album! I know it’s been delayed – I just checked and apparently I thought I’d have this wrapped up by December 2012! – but I considered the other projects I’ve been busying myself with to be of more importance.

Anyway, originally posted on YouTube in November 2012, this teaser taste video features some kick-ass drums by Aussie musician Jamie Coghill, and some awesome visuals courtesy the creators of ‘Seven. Check it out, you can give it a spin on my SoundCloud here as well and feel free to share!


The Jimmy C ‘Orbital Debris’

January 7, 2013

copyright The Jimmy C 2013!

Well, Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C just sent me a heads up to tell me his seventh release Orbital Debris has been released digitally on And boy, are you in for a treat! His 2009 album Glamour and Fame is a personal fave that offered up some brilliant variations of 60s pop, but this time he’s evolved his unique sound to a more 70s vibe with a sort of dark, Kinks circa Face to Face period feel.

I received some promo tracks earlier this year and have been spinning them ever since, and I gotta say that it’s nice to see Jamie progressing and maturing in his songwriting process –  not to mention developing his musical and arrangement skills to a new level as well, as we’re still talking music that he recorded completely on his own. Lots of tracks stand out and impress in their width of instrumentation, and even his signature “ditties” –  rarely longer than a minute – fit nicely in the overall perspective, giving it an almost concept album feel. Throw in a couple of unexpected surprises and you’ve got yourself a nice listening experience for the music fan – genres be damned.

It’s kinda hard picking out faves – they all collectively paint a great picture – but Cast The First, Leather & Bone, No Man’s Hero, Last Breath Of The Sun and You’re Leaving Us are truly great tracks.

Give it a spin here and visit him on Facebook here. How ’bout a little taste?


Post #400: Summing up 2012

December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow! Yeah, with food being ready to cook and guests arriving at any minute, I’m gonna be brief. This year has been pretty amazing and looking back I am honestly astonished and proud of my efforts these past 12 months. Jeez, no wonder I’ve been tired, ha ha ha.

January started off with two teaser videos for The Norliss Tapes and a jingle (my first!) for French radio show Megawatts (check it out on YouTube). February saw The Cymatics Euro tour and the release of the 3-track EP Sugar Punch (later on discontinued, but I’m not gonna get into that). March saw the debut of The Norliss Tapes with A Little Bit Tipsy, featuring a kick-ass organ courtesy Staffan Segel, and the video soon followed. I also made the sleeve for German fanzine Ox Magazine‘s CD compilation Ox Fanzine Compilation #101.

The second quarter saw the release of Norliss’ second video A Trip To the Moon and The Cymatics Hang Out appeared on the Ox compilation CD mentioned above. After a week’s vacation in April, Bad Robot EP was released with the A Trip To the Moon EP being released prior to that. After May I’m actually surprised to see that June produced nothing (!!!), but to be honest I have no idea why.

July kicked off with The Norliss Tapes getting in touch with the producers of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West leading to a fruitful relationship that goes on to this day. And personally this opened up the world of creating soundtracks for me – something that I am really interested in pursuing in the future. I finished the sleeve for the Herz und Liebe EP – thanks to the gorgeous Eva Halloween – and The Norliss Tapes wrote the first track specifically for the S7 series – Space Pussyfoot. July also marked the debut of Bad Robot as it was the first track to be featured in the S7 show, namely Operation: Live to Die Another Day. August saw the release of the experimental QUAD – The Norliss Tapes Spatial Stereo Mixes 3-track EP, plus Bad Robot once again being featured in the S7  double episode Op: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill. After yet another week’s vacation in September I joined The Bigfoot Diaries‘ editor-in-chief Troy Church on air as we discussed corporate music and radio on The Fallon Forum, The Norliss Tapes released the Herz und Liebe EP, and both Bad Robot as well as Space Pussyfoot appeared in the end credits of the S7 series. I also chipped in some $$$ on Kickstarter to help finance  Scott Crawford and Jim Saah‘s upcoming documentary Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital to be released in 2013.

The final quarter saw an amazing amount of productivity that actually surprised the heck outta me when I finally had it written down on paper. The Norliss Tapes released the It’s Halloween EP (complete with a video) in October, I finished two videos for the Bad Robot EP, found the time to do the Haunted House of Horror’s Horrific Halloween Twist-a-Rama! podcast (available on MixCloud), wrote a second song exclusively for the S7 series (Superseven in Space Theme), plus saw more songs being featured in the S7 series. Troy Church got in touch and commissioned Halloween-themed artwork for The Bigfoot Diaries and once the Halloween EP was released I sat down to remix and remaster my old hardcore outfit Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg‘s sessions and the Blästrad EP was released – complete with two videos. After an interview with regarding GVtN’s EP in November and the video for The Norliss Tapes Groovy I immediately began work on my first solo effort entitled Call Me Greenhorn. The debut S/T EP was released (with two videos of course!) and work on the debut full length began with Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C providing the drums. The Norliss Tapes had more songs featured in the S7 series but November also saw Call Me Greenhorn’s Here Comes Gorbot debuting in the show. I finished the Armageddon Dub but made it available on my SoundCloud as I deemed it too dark to be included on the full length. December saw me beginning work remixing three tracks for an upcoming EP – finished during my two weeks of holiday vacation – and GVtN was approached by a German label expressing their interest in including some tracks on an upcoming compilation slated for release in 2013 – to which we said yes.

Damn. That’s quite a list huh? I’m satisfied albeit a bit tired. Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!


Superseven – Third sizzle reel!

December 19, 2012

Well, here’s a little bit of news that actually makes me proud to announce: The third sizzle reel from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West featuring a kick-ass track from Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C. Now, I already written about this guy (and reviewed and interviewed!), but Jamie just amazes me. Humble, down to earth, friendly as hell and a shitload of talent to boot!

We’ve been chatting on and off for the last couple of months and kinda struck up a friendship, so needing a great drummer to help me out when working on the Call Me Greenhorn first full length he was the guy I went to (he did the drum track for the teaser I posted some time ago on YouTube.) Anyway, long story short he sent me this track for a future project of his (and in his lovely humble way just commented it with “yeah, I’ve got this lil’ thing I’m working on…”), I downloaded it and was immediately blown away by how great it sounded. A perfect mix of 70s tv-themes (I was thinking The Streets of San Fransisco) and classic 60s Italian-produced spymovies – and he plays every damn instrument himself! Ever tried that? I have. And it didn’t come out sounding half as good as this guy’s stuff.

So I took it upon myself to forward the MP3 to the director and producer of Superseven and they agreed, it’s a kick-ass song and they wanted to use it. The rest is entertainment history. Check it out, make sure you visit both the show and Jamie on Facebook here and here, and don’t forget to “like” and share!


You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)

November 21, 2012

Well, the first part of what I now affectionately call The Awesome Trilogy is uploaded on YouTube: The Call Me Greenhorn album teaser! Courtesy the makers of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West who provided me with some awesome footage of a dancing Gorbot and what can I say, I just love it!

The song itself is a “scratch idea” and I got Australian musician Jamie Coghill (aka The Jimmy C) to lay down some awesome drum tracks for this as well as some nice horns via The New York Brass. I’ll start working on the album version itself this coming weekend.

There’s more awesomeness to come (keep your eyes open on Monday next week!) and until then you can also check out an edited version of the track on my SoundCloud. Please “like” and share!

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