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Pic (summing up) o/t Weekend

November 18, 2012

Yeah well, so things have not been running smoothly to say the least. And it’s a damn good thing I’ve got this odd Zen thing going and always manage to find humor in every situation ’cause a lesser man would’ve freaked out and started throwing stuff around. I guess that whole “useless samples thingy” was the tip of the iceberg and the fun has just been building and building for the last 72 hours – the final straw being I for some reason can access my email accounts but I can’t open the mails.

So that’s it. I am not blind nor am I a fool and it’s been made painfully aware that this is not what I’m supposed to do right now. I will turn this damn thing off, go lie down on the couch and spend the rest of the afternoon/evening reading a good book. Any of you guys into James Ellroy, Elmore Leonard or Dennis Lehane? I’m a big fan of the American Tabloid trilogy, but haven’t checked out Ellroy’s latest yet (and the title escapes me). A friend borrowed Gone, Baby, Gone but that’s my fave from Lehane and even though I’ve read most of Leonard’s books I can’t say I have a specific fave by him. In any case, tonight some gritty, hard boiled fiction seems appropriate.

Anyway, I’m out. See y’all tomorrow.

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