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Joshua Hoffine

March 1, 2014
copyright Joshua Hoffine!

copyright Joshua Hoffine!

Gah! Well, this would probably be right up Eva Halloween‘s alley: Check out Joshua Hoffine‘s disturbing imagery taken from his project where childhood nightmares seem to come to life. In his statement he writes:

I believe that the Horror story is ultimately concerned with the imminence and randomness of death, and the implication that there is no certainty to existence. The experience of Horror resides in this confrontation with uncertainty. Horror tells us that our belief in security is delusional, and that the monsters are all around us.

Check out his portfolio here (NSFW), and for more horror imagery visit Robert Boud at

copyright Joshua Hoffine!

copyright Joshua Hoffine!


(Horrific) Sounds of X-Mas

December 7, 2012

Well, as both a horror fan and total music nerd, what could be more fitting for today’s X-Mas tune than The Cryptkeeper‘s We Wish You’d Bury the Missus? Anyone remember the cult classic Tales From the Crypt tv-series where this little fella delivered tasty puns in between some pretty cool episodes? Well, I was a big fan back then, and even though it never aired over here me and a friend collected bootleg seasonal tapes on VHS, so we followed it – albeit a bit delayed.

I recently picked up a season DVD, and even though some of the fashions haven’t aged too well (to say the least!) it was still quite enjoyable and nice in a nostalgic kinda way.


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