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Salad Days (update)

August 11, 2015

Well, the digital screeners of Scott Crawford and Jim Saah‘s Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90) has been sent out to all Kickstarter backers and I had a chance to watch it tonight. What can I say? It was well worth the wait even though I’d preferred if those that helped fund it could’ve had a chance to see it before it started making the rounds on festivals etc. But, again, having seen the final results I gotta say it’s cool.

Starting in the late 1970’s with early bands like The Bad Brains (it’s nice to see scenesters like Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye stress how important they were to inspire other musicians to start their own bands), the documentary kind of follows the Dischord Records‘ outfits (with some exceptions) and offers in-depth interviews with pretty much everyone on the DC scene.

It’s all here. The early bands, the violence that was pretty much an every day occurrence for punkers back then, the birth of sXe (straight edge), the so-called “revolution summer” and birth of emo – everything up to the early 90s with Nirvana taking a leap out of the post-hardcore scene and onto major mainstream success. This sounds great, looks great and (thankfully) steers clear from that self-congratulatory masturbation you sometimes see in documentaries.

I gotta admit, after watching it, I felt pretty damn proud to have taken a small part in this documentary happening. Check out the trailer on Vimeo, you can buy it for $12,99 or wait for the DVD to be released in September. Official Facebook here.


Salad Days

September 10, 2012

Well, here’s a nice project due to be released in 2013: Scott Crawford and Jim Saah‘s Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital – a documentary focusing on the Washington, DC hardcore scene of the early 80s. Featuring interviews with tons of scenesters like Henry Rollins (S.O.A./Black Flag), HR (Bad Brains) and Dave Grohl (Scream) the pair is now looking for production funds via Kickstarter:

As we finish up the pre-production phase, we need your help. Your donations will offset the upcoming costs of editing, animation, graphics, mastering, color correction, sound editing, travel and more.

Pledges range from $10 (receive an autographed postcard) up to $3,500 (the filmmakers promise to build a shrine to you in their living room, plus other perks like a free DVD, t-shirt, poster etc.), so check it out here and write some encouraging words on their Facebook here.

UPDATE: Yeah, well, I just had to join in on this. The trailers look great, and there’s an amazing line-up of people being interviewed so I’ve got a good feeling about it!


Get In the Van

July 6, 2012

Yes! I stumbled across this just out of dumb luck on YouTube and decided to post it before the weekend comes: Henry Rollins reading his much-appreciated Get In the Van – on the road with Black Flag. A compilation of his tour diaries starting with him joining hardcore’s most influential band back in 1981 up until their break-up in 1986. Everything is here. The ups and downs of touring as a punk band as well as personal reflections about life and the “scene” in general.

This book (and this audio version) is highly recommended for anybody that ever tried to get out there and make something out of their lives, maybe on their own terms or simply just trying. Plus it gives a really good insight to the realities that all struggling bands out there have to face – especially the completely insane scenarios they had to deal with back in the 80s. There’s really no need to be even remotely interested in punk/hardcore to appreciate it (although it does help when it comes to bands, people and places mentioned) and if you got approx. three hours to spend you should definitely sit back and have a listen.

Black Flag’s debut album Damaged is a classic and after The StoogesFun House one of the most aggressive pieces of music from the 20th century. Check it out:

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