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Friday the 13th: The Link Roundup

September 13, 2013

Hey! It’s Friday the 13th! You know what that means. Yeah, a lot of us horror nerds will be plopping down on the couch with a choice installment of the classic slasher series. My personal fave is Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (aka “Part 4” I guess) where the characters are at their most cardboard-y and Tom Savini ups the ante when it comes to gory FX.

Speaking of which: Tom is crowdsourcing his coming zombie epic Death Island! Sounding like a throwback to the classic Haitian zombie theme (think White Zombie, Zombi 2 or even The Serpent and the Rainbow) he’s got a nice cast including Tony Todd (that appeared in his remake of Night of the Living Dead) and is looking for one million dollars to get this made. I found an article about it here, check out the campaign on Indiegogo here (I’m totally contemplating chipping in some $$$!) and join him on Facebook here.

While on that subject I gotta admit it is the weirdest damn coincidence that he’s launching said movie project when I recently finished a similar soundtrack project. How’s that for timing? I already sent a head’s up to my license agency. The stars are aligning…

More horrors can be found as they have been posted on my Society 6! Got four new art prints this week: Demons 1 and Demons 2 (a sort of visceral update of Lamberto Bava‘s 80s gore fest of the same name) and two abstract/psychedelic pieces called Stardust and Fire and Ice. I’m mildly irked by the latter two as I was forced to censor them in order to post the pictures on Facebook as there were some boobage to be seen. Something that apparently “some” people (who are they any way?) have a problem with. Sounds like “some” people got Mommy issues.

Got a batch of more cool S6 discoveries to share with you guys: Jon MacNair (who’s b&w art reminds me of Charles Burns), Brett 66, Silver Larrosa, David Luscombe, you gotta check out Grant Hunter who’s style is sort of a nightmarish Ralph Steadman, and finally Luke Ramsey. Check them all out and invest in some stylish art for your home!

Some real horrors comes via Design You Trust that tells all you need to know about The Uniface Mask. It’s sort of an anime type face that you glue onto your real face. Only $399. Wow.

Double that amount of money and you might snatch up the original test pressing of Minor Threat‘s debut EP that’s up for auction on eBay right now. But FYI, these things have a tendency to go for a lot more than that.

US-based blog Trust Me, I’m a Scientist is easily one of my personal faves, always delivering thought-provoking articles covering all things creative, with a focus on music. Their recent post How to Become the Best at What You Do should be of interest for anyone who wants to perfect a skill, and I highly recommend it. Among other things it proves that talent is a very abstract concept – if it even exists – and is secondary to basic hard work. The article The Quirky Habits of Great Mixers (via Sonic Scoop) is also of interest for the fellow audiophile, so check ’em both out.

One of the funnier videos I’ve seen this past week was the faked Monty Python and the Holy Grail modern trailer. Funny as hell but I sure hope this doesn’t give Hollywood producers any ideas.

News wise one of the funnier stories from this past week came courtesy UK’s The Guardian about the feral pig in Western Australia that went on a bender, drank 18 beers and ended up in an altercation with a cow. You can’t make that stuff up, man.

More nerdgasms came (hyuck!) when AMC premiered a short teaser from the coming fourth season of The Walking Dead. Typically they’ve blocked it for us non-US citizens, so go here to watch it on YouTube.

Remember that weird story about restaurant owners in Oklahoma finding a huge 300-lb. monument on their lawn that claimed ownership of the land in the name of (H.P. Lovecraft‘s) Azathoth? Well, mystery solved. It was a student prank. And here I was awaiting The Arrival.

Music-wise I’ve recently finished Call Me Greenhorn‘s oddly-titled Pink Hulk that really sees me, uh,  getting down playing with my organ (ahem). Soon to be remixed in a couple of dub variations (I was thinking at least two) and released as yet another exclusive, I posted the track on my SoundCloud, but you can give it a spin below. Have a nice weekend!


Doggone Dagon

March 11, 2013
copyright T-shirt Bordello 2012!

copyright T-shirt Bordello 2012!

Well, a bit late, sure, but at $4 this Cthulhu Dagon 2012 t-shirt is a bargain, and like every cultist will tell you, H.P. Lovecraft never goes out of style! In fact, that is not dead which can eternal lie, yet with stranger eons, it can even end up on a, uh, t-shirt.

Anyway, like I said this is a bargain so get it via T-shirt Bordello that also offers tons of other horror related fashions. Check ’em out here.


Head Cheese

March 5, 2013
Grin and bear it.

Grin and bear it.

Well, as Mme Halloween – that’s miss Hallows to you – complimented me by mentioning me in her previous post about the nearly complete H.P. Lovecraft audio book collection on (and referring me as ‘dashing’ without adding ‘outta here’ to said sentence) I thought I’d share this great post from her blog The Year of Halloween: Zombie Head Hors d’Oeuvres! These look pretty easy to do and still really kick-ass, so why don’t ya head over there and get the recipe? There’s still some time left before the season finale of The Walking Dead so you still got time to finish it. Check it out here.

Speaking of Head Cheese I immediately thought of Canadian punk rockers The Hanson Brothers (yes, they got the name from the 1977 hockey cult classic Slap Shot starring Paul Newman), and since I always have a tendency to go on and on about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre I’d better just post the song instead of mentioning how it actually was the original title of the movie. Off their first album Gross Misconduct that kinda sounds like a lost Ramones album about hockey. Check it out:


Return of the Evil Dead

December 22, 2012

Well, in keeping up with the subject of my last post – and oddly enough the X-Mas spirit as well! – make sure you check out Return of the Evil Dead! In between George Romero‘s classic Night of the Living Dead and the gorier Italian-produced onslaught of the late 70s/early 80s, Spanish director Amando de Ossorio produced a truly unique vision between 1971 – 1975 with his Blind Dead quadrilogy.

Debuting with Tombs of the Blind Dead he gave the horror world a different kind of zombie: A legion of the Knights Templar, executed for heresy and practicing satanic witchcraft that rises from their graves to wreak havoc on the living. Nothing more than mummified skeletal remains after rotting away for half a millenia, they’re blind and hunt the living not to feed, but to seek revenge. The second installment in this series is my personal favorite and takes place in a small Portugese village celebrating the 500th anniversary of executing the knights, who rises during the festivities to seek revenge. A perfect sequel it’s high-paced with trimmed dialogue, more action and an overall refined concept.

Heavy on the gothic influences (and the fourth, Night of the Seagulls, actually has hints of H.P. Lovecraft) it’s oddly enough one of those flicks I always pop into the DVD-player during the X-Mas Holidays. The third, The Ghost Galleon, deserves mention as it has more creepy sequences, but thanks to a stingy producer the “galleon” looks like a damn bath tub toy duck, ruining the overall feel. I don’t know if it’s still available, but Anchor Bay released the great The Blind Dead Collection 5xDVD box set back in 2005, and if you’re a fan of the zombie genre make sure to check it out.


Pic o/t Week

October 16, 2012

Snoop-thulu lays dead dreaming in R’yleh…


(More) H.P. Lovecraft

August 9, 2012

Well, it certainly looks like I’m gonna dust off my old novels by H.P. Lovecraft – lately everything seems to remind me of him. This photo was uploaded by Frank Kozik on his Facebook after he made a weekend trek to check out the author’s grave. I’d love to visit it one day! Read more about it at Find a Grave here.


From Beyond

August 8, 2012

This is so cool! I found Michael Granberry‘s animated short film From Beyond on YouTube and it’s great. Being a total nerd for all things H.P. Lovecraft it was nice to see this staying pretty true to the original short story with the same name. Now, Michael has done some pretty nice work including stop-motion and music videos so check it out on his official website here and From Beyond can be found on Lurker Films‘ collection Strange Aeons available here.

Speaking of From Beyond – in 1986 Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna unleashed their genre masterpiece based on the same short story. Starring Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) it got some pretty amazing special effects rivaled only by those created by Rob Bottin for The Thing. Check out the trailer and if you haven’t seen it – DO!

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