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Pic o/t Day II

December 21, 2012

copyright Grumpy Cat 2012!

Well, no one likes a gloater, so I’m just gonna post this and offer a little bit of friendly advice: Next time someone hollers “wolf!” you might wanna look into it before joining the posse okay? Okay! Let’s move on.

Are you familiar with Grumpy Cat? I love him! Or is that her? In any case, this sulky-looking critter is the hottest new meme and there’s tons more funny stuff to be found on the official Facebook page. Does anyone know what breed this is? I’m seriously thinking about getting one. And name him ‘Mr. Happy’, ‘Buttercup’ or something along those lines (‘Cheri’?).


(More) Memes!

December 9, 2012

Get it at the toilet store too!

Oops, well I completely forgot to tell ya’ll about this: Made some new memes while having short coffee breaks too this weekend. Yup, even when I’m on a break I produce. I am that damaged, ha ha ha.

Anyway, the first one (top) is kinda inspired by the “Keep on Truckin'” t-shirts, stickers, posters and whatnot of the 70s, using my fave Anchorman character : Brick Tamland! Ever heard of the expression “the poetry of stupidity”? Well, that guy embodies it.

The second one (bottom) is Chuck Norris of course and I actually made it while looking for a decent photo of Brick. Now, much has been said about December 21st and it being the Apocalypse based on predictions from an ancient Mayan calender – and something tells me we’ll hear way more this coming weeks! – but I highly suggest that you look it up. They never said anything about the end of mankind. So, I thought this kinda fit.

Again, feel free to share these. That’s what memes are for.

Chuck'll chuck it with a chuckle.

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