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Evil Dead remake (update)

October 24, 2012

Well, a friend hepped me to the teaser trailer of the new Evil Dead just being posted on, so I was all over that and checked it out immediately. I loved Bruce Campbell‘s quip “Where’s your artfilm now baby?”, but teasers just strike me as weird. Call me crazy but I think it should offer at least a bit more than a couple of brief glimpses with some graphics – with The Norliss Tapes we went for a full minute in order to give people a general idea what we were about and make up their minds if it was something they wanted to see/hear more of (check ’em out here). Anyway, the red-band teaser (i.e. the gory one) will be relased later during the day and with time roughly being around midnight in California and 3 am in New York I guess I’ll just have to wait a couple of more hours until it’s launched online.

Speaking of which: There’s been a lot of groaning among fans of the original trilogy about this happening, but Bruce Campbell himself offers up some comforting words in the interview below. Their heart is in the right place when it comes to producing this, so now the only question (at least for me)  is if it still will deliver in direction. Check it out.


Evil Dead remake (update)

October 16, 2012

Well, here we go: Via the website I catched a glimpse of the teaser for the upcoming remake of Evil Dead as it premiered (?) at the New York Comic-Con. And you know, even though this would be a great opportunity to unleash The Angry Old Fart and start hollering at clouds again, I gotta admit this looks pretty darn good! Yes, the quality is pretty lo-fi considering it was filmed by an audience member but it’ll give you a general feel of it and I for one am not disappointed. It could be worse.

Granted, I’ll probably never get used to the idea of anyone but Bruce Campbell portraying good old Ash, but the intensity and groundbreaking horror of the plot itself seems to be intact. And like KNB maestro Greg Nicotero himself once stated in an interview, this time around they had the budget to produce some truly horrifying FX making it more horrific than The Exorcist.

Check it out here, but FYI it contains a lot of gore. One more photo:

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