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Head Cheese

March 5, 2013
Grin and bear it.

Grin and bear it.

Well, as Mme Halloween – that’s miss Hallows to you – complimented me by mentioning me in her previous post about the nearly complete H.P. Lovecraft audio book collection on (and referring me as ‘dashing’ without adding ‘outta here’ to said sentence) I thought I’d share this great post from her blog The Year of Halloween: Zombie Head Hors d’Oeuvres! These look pretty easy to do and still really kick-ass, so why don’t ya head over there and get the recipe? There’s still some time left before the season finale of The Walking Dead so you still got time to finish it. Check it out here.

Speaking of Head Cheese I immediately thought of Canadian punk rockers The Hanson Brothers (yes, they got the name from the 1977 hockey cult classic Slap Shot starring Paul Newman), and since I always have a tendency to go on and on about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre I’d better just post the song instead of mentioning how it actually was the original title of the movie. Off their first album Gross Misconduct that kinda sounds like a lost Ramones album about hockey. Check it out:


Post #400: Summing up 2012

December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow! Yeah, with food being ready to cook and guests arriving at any minute, I’m gonna be brief. This year has been pretty amazing and looking back I am honestly astonished and proud of my efforts these past 12 months. Jeez, no wonder I’ve been tired, ha ha ha.

January started off with two teaser videos for The Norliss Tapes and a jingle (my first!) for French radio show Megawatts (check it out on YouTube). February saw The Cymatics Euro tour and the release of the 3-track EP Sugar Punch (later on discontinued, but I’m not gonna get into that). March saw the debut of The Norliss Tapes with A Little Bit Tipsy, featuring a kick-ass organ courtesy Staffan Segel, and the video soon followed. I also made the sleeve for German fanzine Ox Magazine‘s CD compilation Ox Fanzine Compilation #101.

The second quarter saw the release of Norliss’ second video A Trip To the Moon and The Cymatics Hang Out appeared on the Ox compilation CD mentioned above. After a week’s vacation in April, Bad Robot EP was released with the A Trip To the Moon EP being released prior to that. After May I’m actually surprised to see that June produced nothing (!!!), but to be honest I have no idea why.

July kicked off with The Norliss Tapes getting in touch with the producers of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West leading to a fruitful relationship that goes on to this day. And personally this opened up the world of creating soundtracks for me – something that I am really interested in pursuing in the future. I finished the sleeve for the Herz und Liebe EP – thanks to the gorgeous Eva Halloween – and The Norliss Tapes wrote the first track specifically for the S7 series – Space Pussyfoot. July also marked the debut of Bad Robot as it was the first track to be featured in the S7 show, namely Operation: Live to Die Another Day. August saw the release of the experimental QUAD – The Norliss Tapes Spatial Stereo Mixes 3-track EP, plus Bad Robot once again being featured in the S7  double episode Op: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill. After yet another week’s vacation in September I joined The Bigfoot Diaries‘ editor-in-chief Troy Church on air as we discussed corporate music and radio on The Fallon Forum, The Norliss Tapes released the Herz und Liebe EP, and both Bad Robot as well as Space Pussyfoot appeared in the end credits of the S7 series. I also chipped in some $$$ on Kickstarter to help finance  Scott Crawford and Jim Saah‘s upcoming documentary Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital to be released in 2013.

The final quarter saw an amazing amount of productivity that actually surprised the heck outta me when I finally had it written down on paper. The Norliss Tapes released the It’s Halloween EP (complete with a video) in October, I finished two videos for the Bad Robot EP, found the time to do the Haunted House of Horror’s Horrific Halloween Twist-a-Rama! podcast (available on MixCloud), wrote a second song exclusively for the S7 series (Superseven in Space Theme), plus saw more songs being featured in the S7 series. Troy Church got in touch and commissioned Halloween-themed artwork for The Bigfoot Diaries and once the Halloween EP was released I sat down to remix and remaster my old hardcore outfit Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg‘s sessions and the Blästrad EP was released – complete with two videos. After an interview with regarding GVtN’s EP in November and the video for The Norliss Tapes Groovy I immediately began work on my first solo effort entitled Call Me Greenhorn. The debut S/T EP was released (with two videos of course!) and work on the debut full length began with Australian musician Jamie Coghill aka The Jimmy C providing the drums. The Norliss Tapes had more songs featured in the S7 series but November also saw Call Me Greenhorn’s Here Comes Gorbot debuting in the show. I finished the Armageddon Dub but made it available on my SoundCloud as I deemed it too dark to be included on the full length. December saw me beginning work remixing three tracks for an upcoming EP – finished during my two weeks of holiday vacation – and GVtN was approached by a German label expressing their interest in including some tracks on an upcoming compilation slated for release in 2013 – to which we said yes.

Damn. That’s quite a list huh? I’m satisfied albeit a bit tired. Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!


Real life Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

December 11, 2012

copyright ???

Oh man, these are some truly great photographs! Via Eva Halloween‘s great blog The Year of Halloween I was hepped to cosplay artist Malro-Doll‘s Corpse Bride photoshoot posted on eMorfes. A great amount of effort has been put into this, and everything from the costumes to the make up looks beautiful.

Seven photographs in total, all looking great. Check it out here and read Eva’s post here.


Victorian Death Photos

November 11, 2012

Well, once again via Eva Halloween and her Year of Halloween blog I recently read the 31 Scary Things post and found out about this odd phenomena called victorian death photos. Googling it I learn that this practice followed the advent of photography and soon became part of the mourning process – especially in the USA.

Postmortem photographs were taken more than any other kind of photograph in the Victorian era. With prices being very high at the time, families rarely could afford it making these carefully staged pictures often the only ones ever taken of their subjects. Maybe considered a bit morbid seen through today’s eyes it was exactly the opposite a hundred, a hundred and fifty years ago, as author Stanley Burns explains in his book Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America:

These photographs were a common aspect of American culture, a part of the mourning and memorialization process. Surviving families were proud of these images and hung them in their homes, sent copies to friends and relatives, wore them as lockets or carried them as pocket mirrors. Nineteenth-century Americans knew how to respond to these images. Today there is no culturally normative response to postmortem photographs.

Now, googling the phrase I stumbled across a myriad of pages focusing on the subject, and although some writers preferred to take the sensationalised route and use words like “creepy” I actually found most of these photographs having a sort of hauntingly beautiful quality. This is certainly not for everyone – the photos of dead children gets very heart wrenching – but you’ll find collections at Victorian Death and Mourning on Flickr here and Listverse here.


Terry Border

October 9, 2012

Speaking of Eva Halloween‘s blog I was just hepped to this artist: Terry Border and his Bent Objects – nifty miniatures usually made out of peanuts and other snacks put in funny scenarios and topped off with a nicely dry pun.

He recently released the book Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love (available on Amazon here) and there’s tons more of funny stuff on his blog, so check it out here. One more sample:


Zombie Finger Cupcakes!

October 9, 2012

Ah, I love visiting Eva Halloween‘s blog The Year of Halloween! Always filled with cool (ghoul?) stuff like make-up tips and obscure horror movies from the silent era to eeire old photos to recepies it’s a treat for any horror-buff. The latest installment is the drool-inducing Zombie Finger Cupcakes! Mmmm, finger lickin’ good! These will surely brighten up any party come October 31st so check out the recipe here and maybe you want that to go with some Necronomicon Pizza?



September 22, 2012

Well, as Halloween is coming closer you might wanna use some of  the 16 free fonts available from Warm Hot Chocolate for your upcoming graphic work. There’s some nice ones here – my favorite being Haunted Mansion – so check ’em out.

Via Eva Halloween.


Herz und Liebe (finally!)

September 14, 2012

Yay! It’s finally finished and released – The Norliss Tapes Herz und Liebe EP! Five tracks in total kinda going back to the sounds that got me starting this project to begin with; odd 60s porn-funk. A funny phenomena that was an offshoot of the porn industry, these “songs” were pressed in limited-editions, usually sold in the back-pages of porn magazines and musically pretty much just offered some woman moaning away to a steady funk beat for 2-3 minutes.

I’m pretty happy with the results. The song Herz und Dub was fun as hell to do just going hog wild with the dub delays, I’m stoked by Groovy because I am such a big fan of Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead II and I think our cover model Eva Halloween looks great. From the minute I saw her photo I was mesmerized and I can’t believe my luck stumbling across her on the web and her agreeing to grace our cover – so thanks Eva! Anyway, check it out and feel free to share!



August 29, 2012

Yowsa! I found this via Eva Halloween‘s Facebook, These Girls Are Better Geeks Than You and I can assure you these ladies sure gives a nice ring to the phrase! Check it out here and try to keep it within the boundries of good taste gentlemen.


La Isla de las Munecas

August 13, 2012

Keeping up with today’s apparent creepy-doll-theme, I was hepped to La Isla de las Munecas (literally The Island of the Dolls) via Eva Halloween and now we’re talking a nightmare for automatonophobes! Looking like something outta Tobe Hooper‘s Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the island is basically littered with doll parts, giving it a more than slight creepy feel.

The story goes that the island’s caretaker was obsessed with a little girl drowning in the river that borders it in the 1960s  and started collecting dolls and doll parts in order to keep her spirit happy. After half a decade’s worth of collecting the man passed away leaving something truly disturbing for the world to see. More links to be found at Eva’s blog here.

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