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Loud Comix #2

December 9, 2013
artwork by Sellergren Design - Art is the Enemy

artwork by Sellergren Design – Art is the Enemy

Here we go: Just in time for X-Mas Birdcage Bottom Books announced that the second issue of Jamie Vayda‘s much-hailed underground comic book Loud Comix is printed and available! Just the perfect gift for the D.I.Y. enthusiast/punk rock storytelling fan in yer family!

With stories from Sal Canzonieri, Eric Todd, Darin Martinez, Christian Maes (aka Captain Catastrophy – The International Man of Danger), Erika Lane and Alan King, this issue promises more entertaining modern-day Southern gothic and comes wrapped in a sleeve courtesy yours truly. We’re talking 32 pages, b&w interior (with tan cover-stock) and $6 for the whole enchilada. Get it here.

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