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Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 12, 2012

copyright The Lucky Mule!

Well, as it is December 12th we’re halfway to X-Mas (though you yanks and Brits oddly enough celebrate it on the 25th) you might wanna finish up what shopping you’ve got left, and for some nice threads for the whole dang family my pal Courtney at The Lucky Mule is once again offering a cool 15% holiday discount on all his merchandise. Men’s wear, women’s wear, stuff for the kids etc – any fan of all things r&r will find something cool. And if you’re into collecting rock posters he’s also offering some awesome (and rare!) work by such greats as Frank Kozik, Mitch O’Connell and Alan Forbes.

I’ve already stated it before, this guy does quality work on quality t-shirts. This is not some cheap throw-away crap that’ll turn into a ball of yarn after one spin in the washer. He designed and printed the tour t-shirts when The Dialtones toured in the U.S. back in 2000 and I got mine at home and it still looks great. So check out his page at, click away and type in ‘HUMBUGGERY’ at the check out to receive the discount. And tell him I sent ya!


Lucky Mule

July 12, 2012

I met Courtney at Lucky Mule when my previous outfit The Dialtones toured the States (he printed our tour t-shirts) and we shared some shows with his band The Demonics as well. Running his print shop since the 90’s he’s worked for bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins and The Hives to mention a few – check out his client list, it’s a literal “who’s who” of modern rock. Anyway, we’ve been in touch ever since and he just sent me an email full of updates I thought I’d share.

There’s tons of cool new stuff added, including some new designs by Bay Area tattoo artist Danielle DeMuro that look pretty neat. He also got his own brand of t-shirt designs that looks great and a nice stock of local gigposters that he’s selling at reasonable prices if you’re into that. He offers up custom designs for bands/labels/clubs etc. so if you’re looking for some eye-catching artwork make sure you get in touch with him! Check out the website here (and tell him I sent ya!).

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