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Pic (summing up) the Week

December 28, 2012

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Whoof! Well, it sure took longer than expected but I think I am finished with the remix EP! Just zipped up and sent off the MP3s and audio files and unless there’s some last minute changes to be done I’m, uh, done! I’m not gonna share any more info about it as I’m not too sure if 1) all the mixes will be used and 2) when they’ll be released. And as that’s not my decision to make I’m keeping it a little under wrap until further notice.

Even though I’ve certainly mixed and produced recordings before, this experience was a first and it was fun as hell. It was nice getting into someone else’s material and start working on it as you saw fit according to your own tastes – while never forgetting you’re doing it to make the artist happy. And – for strictly personal reasons – I found great satisfaction in doing my damndest to ensure that every detail no matter how small was 100% according to what I set out to do, or as good as it could possibly be according to circumstances. Something that has frustrated me to high heaven while being in the studio through the years as the “close enough syndrome” seem to be the norm these days. I honestly think if you’re gonna do anything you better damn well commit to it. Life’s too short for mediocrity.

Anyway, when I sent off the “almost finished” mixes a couple of days ago I received a very positive reaction, so I am pretty confident about the final results, and listening to the songs on my headphones as I am typing this I can honestly say I’m satisfied.

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