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Max Tannone

April 1, 2014

Head on over to SoundCloud and check out Max Tannone‘s brilliant album Mic Check 1234!. Ten mashups in all blending together punk rock outfits like The Ramones, Black Flag and Reagan Youth with rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Nas and Public Enemy.

I found Max via the 2009 Doublecheck Your Head album that saw him remixing seven tracks by The Beastie Boys, but the punk-meets-rap effort turned out to be a personal fave where the familiar classics were turned on their ears with surprising and fresh results.

Keeping himself busy DJing, mixing and producing, this New York-based musician also creates original music on his own – and last year saw him release a documentary about one of the remaining video stores in NYC, so you know his heart is in the right place. All the albums are available as free downloads so make sure to check him out here and visit his official website at


Space Kitty 2000

March 24, 2014

It’s finally here! The second (but fifth in all) album from my oddity project Call Me Greenhorn. Entitled Space Kitty 2000, the follow-up to the 2013 album The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd! offers eleven tracks written and recorded between December 2013 up to March of this year. No real reason for the title, it just struck me as “fun” – which in all honesty is at least 75% of the reason I’m doing this to being with.

Personally I am very satisfied with this collection of tracks. Listening to it now I think it has a nice flow and it seems that I finally arrived at a point creatively where all my influences – sans punk rock and 1980s American hardcore – blended together in a sound that showcase them all quite nicely. It’s all here; Old school soul, funk and R&B; cheesy Moog weirdness; lounge; retro-futur; Beastie Boys-styled breakbeats, 1980s new wave/synths (there’s even some Kraftwerk!) and I even managed to add some King Tubby-esque techniques into it all – including two dubs.

Available via Bandcamp and iTunes as of now, will be added next week with tons more to follow. If you’ve got Spotify or Last.FM you can stream the album here and here, and make sure to check out the Simian Walk video on YouTube (below) and Vimeo here!


Oh Shit!

July 15, 2013

Here we go; Check out the “video” (yeah, I know. Still need a decent video editing software to get things rolling over here) for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Et merde! C’est l’Amour! off the L’amour en Apesanteur EP. The EP is finished and available via Bandcamp as of today, and this track turned out to be a personal fave.

Actually inspired by The BuzzcocksOh Shit! off their Orgasm Addict 7″ – roughly translated the title is “Oh shit! It’s love!”- this turned out quite funny with the under-the-weather horn section handling the intro before getting into a nice, laid back sorta reggae feel. Or, like a friend epically put it, “sounds like a pure out of range sonic orgasm, lost between the Beastie Boys‘ own Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz instrumental galaxy & the Art of Noise universe…” How can I possibly top that?

Anyway, there’s four tracks in total – including a deconstruction of Greenhorn in the Lab off the The Hit ‘In Sounds’ of Today’s Outside Crowd album – so make sure you give it a spin here, and check out the title track below:


Audio! Video! Out Now!

November 2, 2012

Man, this week has been utterly insane. I thought I’d been intense before when it comes to output, but this has definitely been something else. And I’ve got the bloodshot, baggy eyes to prove it! But I am done. Finished. Allowed to just sit on my behind and spend the rest of the weekend getting into the second season of The Walking Dead. It’s a bit slower-paced than the first, and they sure do get a lil’ bit preachy in this one but it’s still – easily – one of the best tv-series I’ve seen in years.

Anyway, finishing up the final details for The Norliss Tapes It’s Halloween EP yesterday I decided to make a video for it on the spot. The song was great (Staffan had the verse finished, I wrote lyrics to the melody and he finished up with the chorus) and hearing the finished audio track I knew I just had to get going. And I totally lucked out choosing Herk Harvey‘s 1962 chiller classic Carnival of Souls as it has great tone, some beautiful photography and a truly great performance by lead-actress Candace Hilligoss. And lots of the edits in the video just came together so beautifully I can assure you it was such a fluid process it really didn’t feel like “work” at all. Easily one of my all-time favorite horror movies it was made for a ridiculously low amount of money and is considered by some to be an independent cinematic masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it! Considered to be in the public domain you can find it online at

I gotta say that with this EP the whole project sure took some strides forward. Me and Staffan were truly riffing off of each other and like I already stated what began as an idea of doing one seasonal song and give away for free we ended up with a five-track mammoth offering tons of variety. We’ve got some Carpenter, some Kraftwerk, some Beastie Boys influenced weirdness and cool samples from horror classics like Dracula starring Bela Lugosi and George Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead. Check it out on Bandcamp here and how about a tiny taste? Maybe you wanna sing along?

Bonfires light up the night, offering protection
As we slowly retreat to the warmth inside
Under the full moon’s light, somewhere in the cold
There’s a sudden howl, come closer child
It’s Halloween
It’s Halloween

Soon skeletons walk, they’re the dancing dead
Demons gather in shadows, they’re allowed to feed
And as lovers caress, clutch themselves for safety
They pass through the trees, shrieking with delight
It’s Halloween
It’s Halloween…


New Artwork!

October 22, 2012

Yeah, well I told you I was a workaholic baby! Coming soon: The It’s Halloween three-song EP from The Norliss Tapes! And for a band that really throws everything plus the kitchen sink into their output this one’s really got a couple of surprises to offer. Off the top of my head we’re talking some Carpenter-esque qualities, some Kraftwerk, some 80s New Romance, some Beastie Boys, some Disco (???) and even some slight modern dubstep influences. Whoof!

For someone who’s very much involved in the process I still gotta admit the huge amount of creativity and gutsy “just create and damn the consequences” attitude even surprises me from time to time. But I am enjoying myself immensely. Anyway, I’ll make sure to post a link when the EP is up and running.


In Memorium

May 7, 2012

Bummer news after a pretty creative weekend; Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch of The Beastie Boys passed away at the age of 47 after battling cancer for some time. Mostly famous to the world as a hip-hop outfit, the band started out as a classic hardcore band and their debut EP Polly Wog Stew is a pretty cool release fetching some pretty big bucks on the collectors market these days (and it has been re-relased on a CD with some cool bonus tracks as Some Old Bullshit).

Moving on from their punk beginnings, the band was somewhat shunned by the underground punk community, even though the members stayed pretty active politically and actually used the money earned from their success to fund various projects like the Tibetan Freedom Concert and New Yorkers Against Violence. Creatively speaking the band also seemed to do and produce whatever the hell they felt like, and you gotta respect true creativity like that. More info via the band’s official website here and you’ll get two of my fave songs below:

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