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Call Me Greenhorn – The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef

September 30, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, fall’s here and with some 30 days left ’til Halloween I thought it was time to release this lil’ baby: Call Me Greenhorn‘s The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef! Three tracks in total mixing Halloween novelty music with spaghetti western tunage – all honoring cinema’s proverbial bad guy.

This has got a pretty unique feel to it, and I haven’t listened to it in a while (this was written and recorded in June, which in my time was some 2,000 years ago, ha ha ha), and I think it holds up pretty nicely. The second track Time Out, Clint! especially, since it marks the time when I really started getting the hang of the organ and managed to get some serious noodling going on.

Available on Bandcamp here, you can give the title track a spin below and via my SoundCloud. Spread the word.


Pink Hulk (update)

September 14, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Well, here’s a change of plans that I didn’t expect to announce: Call Me Greenhorn‘s two-track digital single Pink Hulk has been released, but not via After an abysmal week dealing with all sorts of hassles – MP3 files lost, a ludicrous file size limit, flawed programming that makes a simple thing such as updating your profile a damn nightmare – I decided to remove all content and launch a second page on Bandcamp where I can upload the occasional Dub track.

Now, call me a hard-ass, but I fully believe that when you set out to run anything – a blog, a band, a website, a business etc. – you better have your shit together. I have no patience for anybody that should’ve taken their time to check and double-check that everything was set to go at a level of acceptable professionalism before launching their project, and if you keep excusing people stuck in that sort of mindset/behavior the only thing that’ll happen is they’ll keep doing it. And that’s not the way I choose to deal with things.

Anyway, the page is up and running and I’ll add stuff every now and then – probably just singles and EPs ’cause a full album’s worth just seems unlikely to produce at this moment. Check out the four-track The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable EP and the new “single” (featuring Pink Dub that came out pretty damn nifty!) at, and give it a spin below:


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West…

May 13, 2013

Hey kids, new week and time for another episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West! This, their 30th, is entitled A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rescue Sandra West and features a pretty damn epic fight scene – over four minutes long!

There’s some nice, tight editing in this one and I think Robert Griffith did a great job with it. Got some nice tracks from Call Me Greenhorn as well with Ooky Pt.2 and the all-new Superseven Fight Theme Vers. 2 making its debut, plus some cool tracks by Aussie musician The Jimmy C – including his brand new Sandra West Theme.

Speaking of the series I was glad to see them announcing that their campaign on Kickstarter was successful with an extra $1,000 raised for the project. So congrats to them and congrats to the funders as they’ve got a free download of the They Call Me Superseven OST coming their way. If you haven’t, make sure to check it out on Bandcamp and share, share, share away!


Coming soon!

May 5, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Now, this is exciting! Just got word from UK photographer Robert Boud that the first rough-cut of his video for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Armageddon Dub has been finished and is ready for an initial “screening”. This is awesome news and I am giddy as hell about it. His original project Aftermath Apocalypse Photography looked nothing short of stunning and got me approaching him about this project to begin with. It’s gonna be great! Stay tuned!

Speaking of the “single” – yeah yeah, Grampa still finds it surreal to call a digital release something that used to mean a physical product – it’s still available via, so check it out here, make sure to share and “like” and visit me on Facebook as well. The single:


Out Now!

April 29, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Here we go: The final Call Me Greenhorn release of April! Entitled Chasing the Dawn this is actually way more 80s New Wave than my other stuff and there’s a background story to that. A couple of months ago I stumbled across this kick-ass movie project to start production this fall and immediately got in touch with the producers trying to pimp my shit, uh, let them know I was willing and available if they needed some fitting audio.

They replied with “Great, thanks!” but informed me that the They Call Me Superseven tracks I sent as examples of my work wasn’t that retro-sounding as they had in mind – the movie in itself is very 80’s – so I spent that following weekend channeling John Carpenter recording the title track and the chase-theme Across the City just to prove that yes, I can do New Wave too! Mission accomplished as they got back with a much more positive response they’ll definitely get back to me to secure either one of the tracks or having me create a similar one for their feature.

Three tracks in total, including the kinda weird Skulking – that sounds like some damn trippy theme for an old Nintendo game – so check it out on my Bandcamp here, give it a spin below and share away!


More Superseven!

April 16, 2013

Check it out: I was recently hepped to the new The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West campaign on Kickstarter, raising money to get the latest batch of coming episodes ready for production as either (or both!) TV-series and feature film.

Pledges range from $1 up to $500 with various goodies as rewards, including screen credit – something that is very handy if you’re planning to pursue a career in movie making. I speak from fact that getting your name on really opens doors and gets your resume read. With 26 days to go they’re already halfway to reaching their goal of $1,500, so check it out here and do pitch in some $$$ to support the show.

While on the subject, Call Me Greenhorn‘s They Call Me Superseven OST album is really getting some good stats on, so make sure to check that one out as well and share away! I appreciate the support! Give it a spin below:



April 2, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

And to start off with the answer to your obvious question I can inform you that “Squawky” is the word you type in around 4 am when you’re done with the final stages of mixing a new song and the computer prompts you to write something to “save file as”. And considering the samples used in the track I guess it kinda fits. So with April finally here I can happily announce this month’s bonus release: The Squawky! EP by Call Me Greenhorn! Three tracks with the title track taken from the coming They Call Me Superseven OST album – albeit in a different mix – plus two exclusive bonus tracks.

Anyway, drawing inspiration from Piero Umiliani‘s  Mah Na Mah Na, that most people probably remember from either Jim Henson‘s Sesame Street or Muppet Show, but originally appeared in Italian Mondo oddity Sweden – Heaven and Hell, the track was made up on the spot and is exactly as silly as you usually feel when you’re exhausted from work and it’s getting past 2 am. But listening to the track now I’m satisfied with the results and think it’s got a nice bounciness to it while still being very, very silly.

The second Moog version was just me trying to out-Wunderlich German schmaltz organist Klaus Wunderlich and the idea came about while listening to the title track the day after and setting out to see how lame I could make it. But the one track I’m really stoked about is The Name is West. Ever had a song jump out of you? Well, those occasions are pretty damn rare for every musician, but that track was made in five minutes tops. I’m not bragging, but the damn stars must’ve been aligned or something because everything just clicked while working on it. A totally random rhythm loop followed by an even more random bass line, the main organ was done in two takes (culling the best of each to create a melody), with percussion and FX synth added in two separate takes. Five minutes later I’m listening back with a smile on my face going “Well, that was easy”. I just wish every damn song was that smooth to write, ha ha ha.

You can check out the EP on my Bandcamp here, the title track is also available via SoundCloud here, and get a taste of the pretty bad-ass vibe of Sandra West‘s own theme below:


Armageddon Dub: Update #2

March 28, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Yeah, things are moving along somewhat satisfactory at Camp Sellergren (more info about that when it’s been solved), and in the mean time I actually managed to put out a bonus release: Call Me Greenhorn‘s Armageddon Dub! Yup, the track was initially posted in it’s raw form on my SoundCloud some time ago, and even though my sentiments about it hasn’t changed a bit – it’s just too damn dark! – I gave it a spin and decided it worthy of release, albeit on it’s own and those who feel they can take it can feel free to do so. I still love what I achieved with it and the extra beef in its production is a result of getting heavy with that crazy Russian VST Molot.

Now, I already written about how this song came about – read it again here – so I’ll focus on the second track Trinity (Once Upon a Dub) that spent a good time just collecting dust on my computer. Starting out with some great drum fills The Jimmy C sent me, I set out to do a mix of heavy 70’s Jamaican dub and a sort of tribute to 1960’s Italian spaghetti westerns. (Yeah, I thought it sounded insane too, ha ha ha!) Anyway, add some great Lee Perry-esque horns courtesy The New York Brass – I just had to phase them! – and there ya go! The intro is pretty cool and really throws you off as it progresses into something completely different than what you’d initially expect.

The sleeve was actually quite simple to create. Immediately wanting to do something along the lines of the iconic graphics used by The Clash for their great batch of 7″ singles released between their first and second album (FYI: Complete Control, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, Clash City Rockers + the 1979 The Cost of Living EP), I googled ‘ruins’, ‘Armageddon’ (boy, is that movie popular!) and finally found some WWII photos on Wikipedia that looked fitting. Considered to be in the public domain, I made a collage out of various bombed out buildings etc., and wrapped it all up by adding the similar sort of crazy color schemes and fonts used by the band.

Now, I am aware that Dub is an assorted taste, but personally I love it and think it’s a damn unique art form or musical genre as it is the only one to my knowledge where the mixing console itself becomes the main instrument. The concept spans the world these days, but remixing actually has its roots in what geniuses like King Tubby and The Scientist were creating in make shift Jamaican studios throughout the 1970’s – in Tubby’s case using equipment he built himself! – so if you’re the slightest curious about this phenomena please do check them out!

Anyway, available via my Bandcamp so check it out here, and I uploaded a taste on my SoundCloud here, so spread the word and share if you like it. The single:


Sandra West Tunnel Strut

February 20, 2013

Well, the feature They Call Me Superseven is coming along quite nicely, and while I’m busying myself creating music for it, director Robert Griffith posted a nice lil’ teaser on Facebook yesterday entitled Sandra West Tunnel Strut. Featuring music from Australian The Jimmy C, I think it has a great spaghetti western kinda feel and fits just perfectly with the imagery. Check it out on YouTube here.

The track is entitled Roland Hyde 2: Follow Me and you’ll find it on the album Hyde & Seek (original soundtrack album 2009) available via Check it out here.


Call Me Greenhorn – In Space EP!

January 29, 2013

copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Whoof! Well, once again I’m burning the midnight oil and staying up way later than I should on a work night, but Call Me Greenhorn‘s In Space EP is finished, mixed and available via!

You’ll get the rough mix of In Space along with six (count ’em, SIX!!!) bonus tracks, all with a space/sci-fi kind of theme. My personal fave is the title track, but I gotta admit having a soft spot for the more laid back In Orbit as well.

There’s more to come. Much, much more! In the mean time, check out the EP here – don’t forget to like and share! – and you can have an initial listen below:

UPDATE: One of the disadvantages of releasing digital instead of vinyl is you can’t really crossfade songs into one another. So, the complete EP is streamed as I kinda pictured it on Check it out here or below:

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