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The Walking Dead: Torn Apart

February 21, 2013

Well, call me Johnny-Come-Lately, but I’m slightly miffed I missed out on The Walking Dead: Torn Apart web series on YouTube. Now, granted, I am the worst kind of fan boy when it comes to a lot of things – I tend to busy myself with my own projects so I rarely keep track of anything  – but after going through the third season of the series and becoming a huge fan I can’t believe I never 1) checked out AMC on the ‘Tube or 2) at least visited their Facebook page enough times to find out about it.

Anyway, this web-exclusive directed by special effects maestro Greg Nicotero offers up six ‘bytes’ that’s a nice addition to the original series. Focusing on divorced couple Andrew (Rick Otto) and Hannah (Lilli Birdsell) in the initial stages of the zombie apocalypse, this actually works as a sort of prequel to the TV-series, tying in nicely with the pilot episode.

Around twenty minutes in total, it’s definitely worth checking out. All six episodes can be found here.

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