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Monday is Superseven Day!

October 15, 2012

Yay! Monday again and by now you should know what that means: A sparkling fresh new episode of The Adventures of Superseven! And this one is (in my humble opinion) their best one yet! Hilarious dialogue, some great puns (as always), excellent Adam West-esque delivery by leading man Jerry Kokich, a kick-ass fighting sequence and overall just great!  A winner!

Check it out, make sure you check out the official website as well and visit them on Facebook too!


Kodak Moment

December 16, 2011

Whoof! X-Mas came early and through the mail yesterday! Just look at this package I received from No Balls Records as a “thanks” for doing the Vagora/Darrow Chemical Company Halloween split pic-disc 7″ back in October! Wow! We’re talking 3 CD’s and the same amount of 7″s, a 10″ EP plus a pic disc LP  from The Undead featuring Bobby Steele (ex-Misfits) (who’s first 7″ EP Nine Toes Later is a horror punk classic I might add – check it out!), the latest 10″ from The Dwarves, one album plus a 7″ from Electric Frankenstein, the new 4-song EP from Mondo Generator, and more 7″s from Joey Image, Adam West plus the new album from Borracho!

I don’t know what it is with receiving records in the mail that makes me feel like a kid all over again. Maybe it’s just plain nostalgia ’cause you might not believe this kids, but there was a time when you couldn’t buy cool records any other way.  You’ve been spoiled by the internet and visiting record stores where the guy behind the counter actually has a clue, ha ha ha. Anyway, speaking of The Undead; here’s my fave track off their EP:

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