copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

Loud Comix – cover illustration
My first cover for Jamie Vayda‘s underground comic Loud Comix, featuring the Belgian stunt man Captain Catastrophy.


Call Me Greenhorn – social media advertisement
An ad created specifically for sharing on social medias such as Facebook, G+ etc.

The Bigfoot Diaries – illustration
Pretty neat holiday-themed illustration for this US blog.

CRKO Magazine – cover illustration
(European A4 size)
Pretty neat (and my second!) illustration for this German music magazine! This time the theme was Canada – the issue comes with the second part of a special on Canadian music – so I did go with the clichéd imagery a lot of us might have about the country.

CRKO Magazine – cover illustration
(European A4 size)
A pretty basic photo montaged illustration for the front cover of this music magazine from Germany! The theme was Denmark and had a huge special on Danish punk rock music dubbed “The Danish Monster”, so I thought this would fit perfectly.

Sellergren Design – small b&w ad
(1/4 size A4)
Basic ad for use in various magazines/fanzines.

Miljoner Döda – cassette sleeve
Early work for Swedish noise-outfit Miljoner Döda (transl. “Millions of Dead”).


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