About Me

Magnus Sellergren

Musician, writer, movie maker and graphic designer. Born and raised in Sweden I was dragged into the sordid Punk Rock underground at an early age and has pretty much spent all my adult life in it!

Starting out as a manic stickwhirling drummer in various punk acts with fascinating names like Puke & Explode, I soon made the smart move into the limelight also known as “guitarplayer”, and spent time in tons of bands like The Dishrags (not to be mistaken with the Canadian all-femme band with the same name!), but it wasn’t until I started to blend “rock” with the “punk” things started to move. Since then I have done time in various outfits like The Dialtones, The Plastiques, Gå Vidare till NorrmalmstorgSvarta Maria and The Cymatics before moving into the electronic side of things with The Norliss Tapes.

Currently I’m keeping busy with 1980s horror project Videogram and Call Me Greenhorn with occasional one-off projects like Get Carpenter, Pure Melvin and Ursa Major. I compose music for horror/sci-fi and fantasy type genre material – more info about that on IMDB.com.

The graphic design part came natural being a true believer in the D.I.Y. aesthetic, designing art and sleeves for my own outfits, but I have since then moved on to do work for other artists and labels all over the world. Somewhat new on the scene, my work has already been compared to such legendary greats as Frank Kozik and Lindsey Kuhn and I have been voted Top of The Day/Week several times at gigposters.com for my rock poster art!

Always interested in doing stuff – large or small – so gimme a holler if you’ve got an upcoming project at sellergrendesign (at) gmail (dot) com!


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  1. Sir, your art is kewl shit. That is all.

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