Official Ramones Day!

April 4, 2014

Hey! Once again it’s 4/4 so Happy Official Ramones Day!

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Tag along! Tag along!

So, today’s April 4th – 4/4 – and I’m declaring it The Official Ramones Day! The “bruddahs” from Queens were truly masters of said beat, and a Google search confirmed that they actually didn’t have one. How disappointing is that? Jeez, are you even aware how many kids had their lives changed by that band? There’s a whole damn generation of musicians that owe their “careers” to what these guys pioneered as early as 1974, with myself being one.

Anyway, why bitch when you can be “proactive”? I’m going to spam post vids on my personal Facebook all day and maybe find the time to write a lil’ something about them here on this blog. Feel free to do the same. I mean, c’mon, we’ve got a pie day fer chrissakes! And as far as I know April 4th isn’t taken. Join the freak parade, honey!

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