The Imaginary Movie Database

January 5, 2014

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Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Imaginary Movie Database page on Facebook is probably one of the funniest pages you’ll find. Collecting “phantom philms, imaginary movies, hoax horror” etc. this page offers short paragraphs of plot from faux movies – with a focus on the ridiculously awful. I have no idea who runs it, but how can you not love concepts like:

Clown Penitentiary (1978): Not all clowns are nice… Bobbins is a hard drinking, dirty fighting clown whose kids party days are long behind him. Incarcerated in a maximum security Texas Prison-Circus after drunkenly mowing down an innocent family in a runaway clown car, he must now use every means at his disposal to survive in a harsh lock-down world of big shoes and shivs, spinning bow ties and fatal landing rumbles.

But when D-Wings infamous gang of butch Pierrots get a hard-on for the new fish, he has to take the fight into the ring in a gripping trapeze finale that will leave you shocked and aghast. Directed by Patch Broadback (Twenty Way To Murder My Wife / Danger: Heavy Lipstick / This Trip Is A Heavy Bummer, Charlie Brown) with music by The Electric Wednesday.

Unfortunately things have been slow lately, with their last posting being almost a year ago – February 2012. There were some talk about creating its own blog in April of said year, and even if it was launched in a skeletal form it remains to be updated with content. Which is kind of a bummer, ’cause personally I’d love to see this concept being transferred to a page of its own, complete with actors, biographies, top ten lists, posters etc. Sure, a mammoth task, but in the long run I’m convinced the page would become a cult website.

Join ’em here  to get a taste of non-classics like Mrs. Magicka’s Magical Gravy Boat (1971), E.T Strikes Back (1996) and Taste The Quiche Of Dracula (1983) – and, if you’re feeling creative, make sure to add your own!


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