It’s All in the Reflexes

December 18, 2013
copyright Pterodactyl Squad 2012!

copyright Pterodactyl Squad 2012!

For some creative genre-influenced sounds make sure to check out UK-based netlabel Pterodactyl Sounds‘ freebie compilation It’s All in the Reflexes! An 8-bit tribute to the soundtracks of John Carpenter, it offers twelve tracks by artists like Comptroller and Videogame Orchestra marrying the minimalism of said soundtracks with the minimalism of primitive 80s sound chips.

Pretty much summing up all that was cool about the 1980s – NES and VHS rentals, baby! – the dozen tracks are brilliantly executed and inspired to say the least. Just one of those fan efforts that surfaces online every now and then. My personal fave was Assault on Precinct 13 that had me salivating and wishing there actually was a game based on the genre classic, but make sure you give them all a spin.

Get if here, check out their Bandcamp here and join them on Facebook here. Check out Comptroller’s (lo-fi) live performance of his cover:


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