Loud Comix issue 2 preview

December 2, 2013
cover by Sellergren Design

cover by Sellergren Design

I’m stoked as hell to announce that Jamie Vayda just made some choice panels from the coming second issue of Loud Comix official on his Facebook page! Wrapped in a sleeve by yours truly, the issue offers stories by Sal Canzonieri (of Electric Frankenstein fame), Darin MartinezRest Stop of the Dead, and Erika Lane‘s hilariously looking Lester the Porn Fairy (!!!) among others. Check it out here.

Both Jamie and the comic book’s been getting lots of positive feedback lately (well deserved if you ask me!) as he’s not only bringing back the classic, old school underground comic but also doing a damn fine job doing it. After the first, self-published issue the comic was picked up by Birdcage Bottom Books and now they’ll be hauled off to New York to represent at the Society of Illustrators‘ prestigious Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (cleverly abbreviated MoCCA.)

The issue will be out this month, and you can can get it via Birdcage Bottom Books here. Check it out!

courtesy Jamie Vaida and Erika Lane

courtesy Jamie Vaida and Erika Lane


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