Being John Carpenter

November 27, 2013

Well here’s a pretty cool clip from the UK: Zack Dagoba‘s video (and track) Being John Carpenter. According to his blog It’s Full of Stars, Zack runs Memetunes Studio, and, in his own words, he sometimes get the urge to pretend he’s in the studio back in 1980 making a horror movie soundtrack in the John Carpenter vein. The end result is a cool sounding track just oozing retro and I can totally see this being used in one of Carpenter’s earlier efforts. It’s got a nice, minimalist vibe with a threatening undertone to boot.

Now this is already becoming somewhat viral in certain circles as it was posted by Death Waltz Recording Company on their Facebook page, and as far as I can tell it’s getting roughly 1,000 hits per day. Good news for Zack as it enables him to reach more fans (and clients), and, who knows, maybe this will make the retro soundtrack labels start noticing the modern outfits that produce these sounds today. Read more (including a complete tech list) here.


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  1. […] this UK producer/musician that runs both Memetunes Studio and the blog It’s Full of Stars here, so check out that post for more info and visit Zack’s blog […]

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