Pink Hulk Version

November 24, 2013

So yesterday was one of those kinda laid back affairs spent pretty much just hanging out at home. Something everybody keeps telling me I definitely should do more, but my thwarted work ethic kinda ixnays every time. I slept in late – FYI that means 7:30 a.m. – and had some kick-ass hash browns for breakfast. I love those and nowadays I do them in the oven ’cause it makes ’em a bit more crispy and gives ’em a nice crust that’s just yummylicious to eat. Yes, it’s a word. I just invented it.

Took some time to go through a bunch of VHS classics I’ve got collecting dust like Neon Maniacs and The Video Dead, as well as some not-so-classic fare like Robot Holocaust. Good thing I’m one of those people that refuse to deem my tastes to be superior and waste time pointing out the flaws of others’ creations (it’s a side-effect of being a fan of Ed Wood I guess) ’cause if I was I’d say that the latter movie is one of those affairs that if you just manage to get through the initial twenty minutes it’ll get much, much worse.

Anyway, it just wouldn’t be me if I somehow didn’t find the time to actually do something creative even though I told myself I was having a day off. So I also took the time to twiddle – note, not work! – with Call Me Greenhorn‘s Pink Hulk and ended up with Pink Hulk Version, focusing on the beat while replacing the bass with a gnarly Moog. It was a fun endeavor – twiddling always is as I just do whatever the heck pops up in my head – and the end results surprisingly good so I added it to the “single” making it an EP. Check it out.


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