October 24, 2013
copyright Doc Terror!

copyright Doc Terror!

This is so cool I had to share it with you guys: I was recently interviewed by James Harris at docterror.com (the same team that created the awesome faux-NES horror games I wrote about earlier) regarding Call Me Greenhorn‘s fake zombie OST L’Isola dei Morti Viventi, and not only was the interview fun to do but the added bonus review of the album was very flattering to read.

Calling it “a truly special experience: a masterfully crafted score to a movie that never was” and “period accurate completely with the vocabulary of Italian music from the late 70’s and early 80’s”, it was great seeing a horror fan get where this album was coming from, plus putting it in context with other modern, horror-soundtrack emulating outfits like Umberto, Giallo’s Flame and Zombi (bands I will write a piece about later on).

Read it in full here and give the album a spin below.


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