Bigfoot Greenhorn

September 27, 2013
copyright Sellergren Design 2013!

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Here’s a bit of news I’d like to share with you guys: As of now I am a staff contributor to US-based blog The Bigfoot Diaries. Me and Troy (Church, editor-in-chief) go back a while and he asked me to climb onboard earlier this week.  I gotta admit it came as a total surprise and took some convincing on his part before I said yes. Time is a factor, I can free up very little of what I have and I really want to do a good job at it. But I’ll give it my best and hope everybody’s happy. As of now it looks like I will mainly post links and news on their official Facebook page, but there might be some articles coming on the blog as well later on.

While on the subject: I think there are still some of the posters I designed available for those who wants to support independent media. These babies are 11″ X 17″, printed in a limited numbered edition and made of the highest quality card stock. Only $10 plus $5 shipping and handling, foreign rates will be higher. Ordering details via the blog.


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