Society 6!

August 3, 2013
Come get some!

Come get some!

Well, after spending pretty what little free time I have right now just going through the Sellergren Design “archives”, I finally can announce my page on Society 6 is up and running! Collecting various “art” pieces I’ve done over the years it’s a mix of mutated gig posters, record sleeves and some work that was never used for one reason or another. Available as art prints, iPhone skins, t-shirts etc. there’s 25 designs to begin with, but I’ve got more to come in the near future.

Society 6 is a great concept that I feel truly benefits the artists. It’s an easy way to not only get your work out there – without having to resort to the “free promotion” bullshit that usually mean you don’t earn buck one – but it also enables creating an impressive array of merchandise that would require quite an investment to get up and running the traditional way. They take a percentage for providing this service (of course), but considering what you get for said percentage I feel they’re worth it.

Second, I personally get a kick out of browsing the page and finding some truly great works by artists just waiting to be discovered – at a really affordable price to boot! Now, people can do whatever they want, but why spend tons of your hard-earned cash on either super-expensive art or mass produced works when you can get lots more unique imagery for $20 a pop and as an added bonus support an up-and-coming artist while doing it! Check out guys like Replaceface (that I wrote about earlier this year), Greg Guillemin or Ale Giorgini and I’m positive you’ll agree!

Anyway, the web store can be found at http://society6.com/SellergrenDesign. It got off to a great start when I received an email from the Society 6 support informing me that the Frankenstein art print has been selected to be featured in their official shop (check it out here) and so far I’ve received some pretty cool feedback for my works. So check it out, spread the word and how about joining me on my new Facebook page? Cheers!


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